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Today, July 2nd, McDonald’s introduced a new burger to their menu across the nation to add more flame after their secret menu.  The Angus Third Pounders are the first new burgers the company has launched since the Big ‘N Tasty in 2001, this after two years of test marketing.

mcdonald angus

McDonald’s was kind enough to overnight me some coupons so that I could try these new Angus burgers today, the day they were released. While that sounds like a nice gesture, it is actually a bold move on McDonald’s part, considering the last time they sent me a gift card, I absolutely ripped them for their idiotic Olympic promotion on Friendster. Yes, Friendster.

Let it be known to the world: I HATE McDonald’s burgers. Big Mac? More like big crap. McChicken or chicken nuggets, sure sign me up, but McDonald’s burgers are terrible. Burger King and Wendy’s both have far superior burgers. But I’m here to serve you, the readers, not myself, so I trudged over to McDonald’s today with a couple co-workers to give these bad boys a try. Let me say this, and this is no joke: this was the best McDonald’s burger I’ve ever had. Seriously. Ever. I know I just set the bar low in terms of its other burgers, but this easily surpassed them all.

There are three different varieties available: Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese and Mushroom Swiss.  I went with the Deluxe, which features mayo (trying to eat healthier, so I passed), mustard, lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, American cheese and red onion.  My cohorts sampled the other two.

The first thing I noticed was that the burger they served me actually LOOKED like the picture of the burger on the menu. Astonishing. That pretty much never happens.  Biting into it I was pleasantly surprised. The meat, while still inferior to the unfrozen beef of a Five Guys type burger, tasted noticeably better than the average McDonald’s burger. The bun was fresh and tasty, and the veggies, my goodness, the veggies were the freshest I’ve ever had on a McDonald’s burger.  My colleagues agreed, noting everything tasted fresher than normal and the bacon was perfectly crispy.  Plus, the burger is noticeably heftier than some of their other offerings.

This is when the McDonald’s supplied fact sheet came in handy. According to its fact sheet, McDonald’s introduced four totally new ingredients to the menu with the launch of this burger: bacon, swiss cheese, red onion and sauteed mushrooms. Wait a second I thought, McDonald’s has NEVER served a bacon burger before? But seriously, that’s accurate. Think about it. While other fast food chains got swept up in the bacon craze, McDonald’s NEVER introduced a bacon burger. Unbelievable! This also marks the first ever use of swiss cheese, mushrooms or red onions (most burgers have white onions) by the chain. Bravo McDonald’s, welcome to the bacon craze and welcome to the 21st century of expanding palates.

At $4, the burger isn’t cheap, I might still rather have a couple McChickens for half the price, or pay an extra buck for a Five Guys burger.  However, the quality is a noticeable step up from usual McDonald’s fare. I can’t imagine I’ll be back at a McDonald’s anytime soon, as I avoid that place like the plague, but for those of you that regularly frequent it, you might want to give this burger a try.

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105 Responses

  1. Tanya

    I normally will not eat with my family when they visit Mcdonald’s. Heard about the burgers and had to try the mushroom swiss. That is my personal favorite anyway. Tried it and do have to say, if I have to eat fast food, I will eat this, I never touched any other burger at Micky Ds, tried them, didn’t like them, just didn’t cut it. This burger at least tastes like food. Ordered a medium fry with it, won’t do it again. A medium fry is now a small, medium box with a small fry in it. Also, way too much food for me, I will stick with the burger and be happy we can stop and all get something to eat.

  2. Bruce

    Tried the Deluxe today. I liked it so much that I want to try the other two. It not the best burger I’ve had by a long shot, but its taste is in between a real good burger and a McDonald’s Big n Tasty burger. The toppings are fresher which helps the burger move further away from conventional fast food burgers. B+

  3. SR

    Uh, bacon and swiss are not new to the menu, the chicken sandwiches have had them for a while.

    The one time I tried this burger it was dry as a board. I much prefer the Big Mac, it has no pretenses and is the perfect junk food sandwich.

    Hardee’s has a much better “angus” burger. Probably the best fast food “premium” type burger.

  4. SR

    #46, couldn’t agree more about BK’s bacon. It’s the worst bacon in fast food, it is inedible. Even Wendy’s which is superior in meat, bun, toppings, chicken patty has worse bacon than McD’s. McD’s is great bacon and no fast food bacon is, but it happens to better than most.

    BK also has the worst sausage, again almost inedible, like it came out of a vending machine.

  5. Mela

    Here in our little town, we have one chain and it is McDonalds. I wouldn’t trade it for any other chain. In fact BK didn’t even last. And when I tried their Angus burger OMG it was to die for.. Thanks McDonalds for being her in our little town! Love your Food!

  6. mike

    apparently “angus” really means “salty”

    when the burger is saltier than the fresh fries from the top of the bin, something is wrong.
    I had the bacon/cheese one. not really impressed. bacon was ok. bun was even pretty good – but i tend to prefer crustier, more dense breads ( german grandmother and all…)

    i would rather have a couple of double cheeseburgers or a mcchicken. or better yet, the 89c chicken burritos from taco hell right across the street.

  7. Greg

    I agree with Miles and with Mike. The burger patty itself was incredibly salty. Keep in mind, I LOVE salty food and am always criticized in my family for adding salt to my food at the table, but this burger was truly too salty for me.

    If I get one again, I am going to ask them to delete the grill seasoning.

  8. kanyon

    McDonalds is trying to capitalize on what Carl’s Jr and Hardees have been doing for a long time with the angus burgers. Stick with them – they’ve got a lot more QUALITY burger options and their fries blow McDonald’s out of the water.

  9. Karl

    The deluxe version contains 1700mg of sodium
    according to the mickey d’s wed site.This burger is awful,employees probably added more salt.The only thing it tasted eating this disaster is salt!If you like this burger you would be better off buying a deer salt lick block.

  10. junkcafe

    “The first thing I noticed was that the burger they served me actually LOOKED like the picture of the burger on the menu”

    I worked at Burger Thing during the John Hughes era. Learning to construct the mythical Whopper was a high art taught by the franchisee. However, quality tended to vary based on the skill of the crew member. I’d seen the how sloppy it can be. I foresee the McD’s burger experiment working well in locations that do it right. Execute poorly…then you’ll have a mess in your hands…The burger wars should be fought in the presentation as well as flavor. The blogger’s first impression says it all.

  11. Disgusted

    I just ordered the Bacon Angus burger and took one bite and noticed it was cold. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the burger was not cooked all the way. I took another bite just to see if it was the outer perimeter, but the middle was even bloodier. I don’t mind rare meat, but not with hamburger meat, especially fast food hamburger meat. I tried calling the Micky D’s I ordered from, but no one answered. I took the extra time out of my lunch and drove back to the location. I spoke to the manager and she agreed that it was not thoroughly cooked. She offered me a new sandwich, but I felt at that point a new sandwich for all my trouble was not enough. The only thing she said she could offer me was my money back. I took the money. I will say the first time I tried the mushroom n swiss, which was good, but make sure that when you order this thing it comes cooked.

  12. Brian

    I’ve been looking forward to trying one of these. I ordered the “Deluxe” tonight…I was not impressed. The burger was dry (and luke warm), bread was dry and it tasted…unfresh, like it was loaded with preservatives (which it probably was). Would I eat another one? Umm…no. If I want a good burger I’ll go to Five Guys 🙂

  13. Vince

    Mcdonalds double bacon delux, the best.
    When your overseas and you dont like the cusine of that country, you can allways rely on Macca’s

  14. Vince

    Notice the sarcasm, with double bacon delux
    You cant find them all over the world, but you can get any burger from Macca’s around the world.

  15. Chas

    I tried one with the coupon I got from the ad at Ebay’s site for a free medium fries and a free medium drink with purchase of the Angus burger. The burger had that dry look that they get after they’ve sat in the warming tray for too long and it had too much mayo on it.
    I do a better one at home. I use a 1/3 pound Bubbaburger grilled on my hibachi, a slice of 30% fat reduced Kraft American cheese, and a slice of Oscar Mayer roast beef. I call it my roast beef burger. The slice of lean roast beef adds a very complimentary flavor. Add ketchup, Vlasic Ovals pickle slices, which are cut diagonally so they’re bigger, and a note of yellow mustard for nostalgia. Zap the bread with the beef and cheese for a few seconds in the microwave to warm the beef and melt the cheese.
    Best bread for burgers is pumpernickel because it has the flavor to stand up to the burger, but I’m on a budget these days, so it’s Wal-Mart’s superb and cheap Great Value sandwich bread. The best part of the loaf is the heels when toasted in the toaster on the bagel setting so that only the inside gets toasted. Then they’re crunchy toasted on the inside and soft as a pillow on the outside. Only two heels per loaf, so it’s a rare treat.
    McDonald’s Angus burger? Okay in the winter when I don’t want to cook a burger indoors because of the smoke, but hold the mayo – I don’t need the heart attack or the stroke.

  16. J.P.


  17. Ashley

    Hello, I’m very surprised reading your review. I just had an Angus burger today (only because they had given me a coupon I would nor have otherwise) and to say the least I was thouroughly dissappointed and disgusted.

    Why in Heavens name do you say that Wendys and Burger king make good burgers. For the record, burger king is absolutely disgusting and Wendy has been at a sharp decline to the point I just gave up in them. McDonalds has the only burgers really worth a damn. But these Angus things are horrible.

    First of all, they just too big. Secondly they are so greasy and tastless that I wonder if they just butcher the cow and set up a camp fire out back….

    No flavor, the cheese they use is absolutely horrible. I had a mushroom Swiss which is my allllll time favorite burger and it completely ruined it for me. The burger tasted like a big piece of greasy plastic. I ate it 5 hours ago and I still feel sick to my stomach.

    The only thing I remember thinking while eating it is how much money they wasted on the production of all these burger boxes and extra supplies.

    This was almost as bad as the big and tasty but not quite.

    To all the readers: I don’t know how this guy wrote such a review but obviously he was paid A LOT to do so. Don’t listen to it. It’s the biggest waste of 4 dollars ever. And what I don’t understand is that you can go to ANY gormet burger place and get a decent and juicy yymmy burger for the same damn price. It makes no sense at all.

    I give this burger a 0 out of 5

  18. Eick

    Hey Ashley,

    Thanks for the comment. For starters, I never said Wendy’s or BK burgers were good, just that they were superior to McDonald’s burgers. Which frankly, I think they are. McDonald’s has the worst burgers of the major fast food chains. I find them all pretty gross.

    A lot of the comments I’ve received make me think maybe I got a pretty good batch of the Angus burgers, and maybe they aren’t normally that good. But the one I had, while still worse than most burgers I’ve had, was definitely better by comparison than other McDonalds burgers.

    Was I paid A LOT to write a good review? Ha. Hardly. I wasn’t paid anything. If I was, do you think I’d repeatedly say that I HATE McDonald’s and that most of their burgers suck? I ended my review saying I doubt I’d be back to McDonald’s anytime soon.

    And yes, I agree totally that if you are going to spend $4-$5 for a burger, go to a Five Guys and get a much better one.

  19. Elizabeth

    I thought I would try out the new Angus burgers and was not impressed. It was very salty and as always when eating a McDonalds burger my stomache aches and I wish I had not eaten it. I will stick to the grilled chicken sandwiches. Only ever go to McDonald’s because my girls love the chicken nugget happy meal.

  20. WhyMe

    I’m still sick… Tried a McD’s angus burger in Thousand Oaks, CA a couple years ago and thought it was the best of their burgers I’d ever had. So I was happy to hear when it came to my area (Las Vegas). Went to get one last night, but totally disappointed.

    The mushroom swiss had mushrooms, sure, can’t argue them but not much flavor. It had swiss, but I could not identify how many slices, and only on top of the meat patty unlike the pictures. It had about 1/3 pound of mayo – yuk! – wasted a couple fries scraping that snot off. The bun is a bun. Then there’s the “meat”… if that was angus I don’t want to know what they did to it. I think they discovered a way to make styrofoam out of some sort of protein’esce substance. No flavor (at least not a good one), tough leathery skin, some seasoning but only all in one spot, squishy, and downright sickening. Could swear that was textured vegetable protein. I’d have been better off eating my $4.

    Can’t believe any of the good reviews unless McD’s is being very inconsistent with their ingredients or training or both. Won’t try it again. Can’t wait till the In-&-Out opens up the street.

  21. Cman

    Them not serving bacon before is not entirely true. I have had a double cheeseburger with bacon at mcdonalds before. But I guess it wasn’t nation wide.

  22. Mark

    McDonald’s is definitely not quality, but I have to admit that I do enjoy a Big Mac from time to time…or even a drunken Double Cheeseburger on the way home from a night out…I was pretty excited to try the Angus burger, but I was disgusted by it once I bit into it…I grabbed a Deluxe Angus burger, but when I got home and took one bite, all I could taste was SALT. SALT and more SALT…I took about 4 bites from the burger…Then I removed the veggies and ate them on my fries, tossing the rest of my burger in the trash…I was very disappointed…I looked on their site and the Deluxe Angus burger has 1700 mg of sodium…The Bacon Cheese Angus has 2100 mg….It was utterly disgusting…

  23. carly

    i just ordered an angus with bacon that is before i read these reviews. i am really apprehensive now. i am going to try to remain open minded, however. Especially after reading the really negative ones.

    the last time that i ate a big mac several yrs ago it was virtually tasteless. ZERO. so this is my first time going back and trying again.

    I agree that it cannot compare with 5 guys. i will more than likely prefer 5 guys too. After all it is only a buck or so more and the quality and selection of condiments are far greater.

  24. steveo29

    I tried the mushroom and swiss today. Would I have it again? NO! It tasted as if it had just been microwaved. I tasted no swiss cheese. It was definitely not juicy. The amount of mushrooms practically overwhelmed the taste of the beef. I might give the other two a try, but never again the mushroom/swiss burger.

  25. Smith

    I think the mushroom swiss is a pretty damn good burger for 3.99. It’s the best burger I ever had at McDonalds – my folks liked it too. The bacon one was OK too – never had the deluxe.

    I got some “2 for 1” coupons and with a 2 for 1 price you cant beat it.

  26. babooy

    Mushroom and Swiss with absolutely no taste except the mushrooms and whatever seasoning they used to to spruce them up. Angus fried on a grill, leaves no flavor of beef, only the guilty shame of eating the whole grease filled bomb, because $3.99+tax is too much to waste and hunger demands something to eat. Call this burger the ‘bulimics special.’ I know this is in bad taste, but 6 hours later I can’t get the horror out of my mind. I needed to vent so I came here and see what others are saying about the new Angus.

  27. babooy69 ba

    One month later the ill feeling I had in my gullet after consuming this tasteless grease bomb still lingers. Every time I see one of Micky Dee’s truck and trailer combos drive by with the nauseating rolling trailer billboard, my stomach begins to heave and the sarcastic name McDonald’s new “1/3 LB ANUS BURGER” comes to mind.

  28. Nick

    No true on the four ingredients. The Arch Deluxe in 1996 came standard with a piece of peppered bacon… AND IT WAS AWESOME! I like the angus better, but I could pound me an Arch Deluxe right now.

  29. matt

    mcodnalds angus burgers are the best!i love the bacon and cheese angus burger!i also love their crispy honey mustard snack wraps!they are incredible!another favorite of mine is their mega macs and 20 piece chicken nuggets which are both crispy and juicy!last but not least their coffee is amazing!

  30. babooy69

    Since my near miss barf experience with the 1/3 lb grease bomb Angus back in September, I’ve not been able to bring myself back to the Arches. The mere sight of them Arches gets my stomach a rolling.

  31. Jack

    I ate the Angus Buger at the Atlanta airport (Terminal/Gates E) – the beef patty was cold and it gave me a bad diarhea. had to stay in the aircraft toilet most of the two hours flight. Very bad! Date 7th Feb 2010; time around 11 am. The service as bad too…..

  32. Jon Something

    I’m sorry but the Angus burgers taste like CRAP, biting into one is like biting into cooked WORM casings! I bought one & was so disgusted I’ll never ever make that mistake again.

  33. Marilyn

    I have had two Angus burgers from two different locations. They were both excellant. It is all in the management. If you get a bad one, return it if possible and try another location. Above all, let them know how you feel so they can make necessary changes. Jon, have you actually eaten worm casings?

  34. Mike

    mcdonalds angus burgers are crispy, juicy and mouthwatering!it is like a trip to taste bud heaven!

  35. Jeffsback2223

    disgusting. not just the food but the practice too. All they did was remove the steak egg and cheese bagel from the breakfast menu and re-marketed the steak as “Angus”. There’s no burger too it, it’s all flake. They’re nothing but liars and thieves.

  36. rileigh

    i love mcdonalds and if you talk shit about it one more time…well lets just say you shouldn’t do it>:(
    luv ya<3


    Look its like this name 2 Fastfood places that have a Better DOLLER MENU then Mcdonalds
    come you cant right i thought So and its ALL just like a buck cant Bet it In HARD times 🙂

  38. diana weiss

    My husband usually only buys the angus burger when we get buy one get one free coupon.
    Today I had the mushroom and swisss cheese ( should it have had lettuce and pickle – mine did not) here is the biggy my husband had the deluxe and no pickle, cheese or tomatoe) What kind of deluxe is that?
    I still would prefer burger king for 2 for 1 on the angus is ok.

    Lately we never seem to get any burger the way we order it at Mcdonalds!!!!


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