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Today, July 2nd, McDonald’s introduced a new burger to their menu across the nation to add more flame after their secret menu.  The Angus Third Pounders are the first new burgers the company has launched since the Big ‘N Tasty in 2001, this after two years of test marketing.

mcdonald angus

McDonald’s was kind enough to overnight me some coupons so that I could try these new Angus burgers today, the day they were released. While that sounds like a nice gesture, it is actually a bold move on McDonald’s part, considering the last time they sent me a gift card, I absolutely ripped them for their idiotic Olympic promotion on Friendster. Yes, Friendster.

Let it be known to the world: I HATE McDonald’s burgers. Big Mac? More like big crap. McChicken or chicken nuggets, sure sign me up, but McDonald’s burgers are terrible. Burger King and Wendy’s both have far superior burgers. But I’m here to serve you, the readers, not myself, so I trudged over to McDonald’s today with a couple co-workers to give these bad boys a try. Let me say this, and this is no joke: this was the best McDonald’s burger I’ve ever had. Seriously. Ever. I know I just set the bar low in terms of its other burgers, but this easily surpassed them all.

There are three different varieties available: Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese and Mushroom Swiss.  I went with the Deluxe, which features mayo (trying to eat healthier, so I passed), mustard, lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, American cheese and red onion.  My cohorts sampled the other two.

The first thing I noticed was that the burger they served me actually LOOKED like the picture of the burger on the menu. Astonishing. That pretty much never happens.  Biting into it I was pleasantly surprised. The meat, while still inferior to the unfrozen beef of a Five Guys type burger, tasted noticeably better than the average McDonald’s burger. The bun was fresh and tasty, and the veggies, my goodness, the veggies were the freshest I’ve ever had on a McDonald’s burger.  My colleagues agreed, noting everything tasted fresher than normal and the bacon was perfectly crispy.  Plus, the burger is noticeably heftier than some of their other offerings.

This is when the McDonald’s supplied fact sheet came in handy. According to its fact sheet, McDonald’s introduced four totally new ingredients to the menu with the launch of this burger: bacon, swiss cheese, red onion and sauteed mushrooms. Wait a second I thought, McDonald’s has NEVER served a bacon burger before? But seriously, that’s accurate. Think about it. While other fast food chains got swept up in the bacon craze, McDonald’s NEVER introduced a bacon burger. Unbelievable! This also marks the first ever use of swiss cheese, mushrooms or red onions (most burgers have white onions) by the chain. Bravo McDonald’s, welcome to the bacon craze and welcome to the 21st century of expanding palates.

At $4, the burger isn’t cheap, I might still rather have a couple McChickens for half the price, or pay an extra buck for a Five Guys burger.  However, the quality is a noticeable step up from usual McDonald’s fare. I can’t imagine I’ll be back at a McDonald’s anytime soon, as I avoid that place like the plague, but for those of you that regularly frequent it, you might want to give this burger a try.

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Update: Winners have been chosen and are being mailed their gift cards. Thanks everyone!

I have five cards for a free Angus burger to giveaway to my readers. You have until Friday, July 10th to enter.

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105 Responses

  1. Luke

    Good review. I’ll be trying the bacon burger as soon as I eat a healthy enough breakfast and lunch to justify McDonald’s for dinner. Might take a while.

  2. Madelyn

    I love McDonald’s fries. I dream about them sometimes. So tasty and salty and delicious. The burgers, though? Not so great. I usually opt for the nuggets, with buffalo sauce. I am willing to try the bacon cheese angus burger, though. It’s possible my love for bacon will prevail over my apathy for McDonald’s burgers.

  3. John

    I really hate McDonald’s; I know it’s not good, and certainly not good FOR me. But damn it, sometimes I have a craving, and only a Big Mac will do. Easily my biggest guilty food pleasure.

  4. Zac Pritcher (Everyview)

    Man, I HATE you for bringing up Five Guys. I’ve wanted Five Guys for such a loooong time, and I had finally ditched my cravings.


    Anyway, good reviews. I used to work at McDonalds, and ever since then I usually can’t seem to make myself eat there. I, like you, made an exception this time and walked away pleasantly surprised.

  5. Julia

    I eat more McDonald’s food than I’d like, simply because it’s the only restaurant open on Sundays in my small (pop. 2,000) hometown. I usually stick with the chicken myself, but I’d be willing to give this burger a shot.

  6. Bear Silber

    I hear only good things about these three amigos! Glad to hear you liked it.

    Why I love McDee’s? Their McGriddle is more addicting than High School Musical (the original)

    Why I hate the Golden Arches? They make the fat fatter.

    Why I’m indifferent towards the House o’ Ronald? They know what they’re doing and they do it well.

  7. Jake

    I’m not big on McD’s anymore–the frequency with which I eat it is almost entirely predicated on its proximity to where I live/work, and right now there isn’t one near either place–but I’ll always have a soft spot for McNuggets and the McRib (when it’s around).

    It’s funny that I haven’t heard anything about these new burgers before now–I remember the last new burger being accompanied by an enormous marketing campaign. Although I guess that’s probably on the way, if this post is any indication. Sounds like a pretty decent product, thanks for the review.

  8. wouldibuyitagain

    Another positive review! I really need to get around to trying these.

    Also, MCD should correct the fact sheet. They served Canadian Bacon on Beef Wennington and they served bacon on the McJordan. Both were regional in Chicago in the early 90’s (for McJordan) and the late 90’s for Beef Wennington. Those sandwiches were a QPC+Bacon and BBQ, they were awesome. However, bacon nationally… they are correct, first time.

  9. Ryan

    “Let it be known to the world: I HATE McDonald’s burgers. Big Mac? More like big crap. McChicken or chicken nuggets, sure sign me up, but McDonald’s burgers are terrible. Burger King and Wendy’s both have far superior burgers. But I’m here to serve you, the readers, not myself, so I trudged over to McDonald’s today with a couple co-workers to give these bad boys a try. Let me say this, and this is no joke: this was the best McDonald’s burger I’ve ever had. Seriously. Ever. I know I just set the bar low in terms of its other burgers, but this easily surpassed them all.”

    Agree 100% with this.

  10. Betty Ann

    I don’t even like the SMELL of McDonald’s. Unfortunatley, my husband and kids love it! To me, the flavor of it’s burgers are rubbery and greasy. When we go on vacations where driving is involved, they eat at McDonalds…I don’t eat AT ALL! That’s right, I’d rather GO HUNGRY! But if there is a NEW burger that has a remote chance of tasting nothing like the other stuff on the menu, then I want to try it! It’s my only shot at eating with the family!!

  11. James

    Very Dry. First impression is that classical McDonald’s Flavor, but the second thing I noticed was that the sandwich was very dry. The bread is extremely dry for starters and there is no ketchup on the burger which makes it even drier. I was excited to try this burger but not impressed. Hardee’s thickburgers are a superior burger.

  12. Brian

    Damn. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s in forever. I had some about a year ago but even then I was only stealing a few fries from someone. “Super Size Me” helped turn me off of McDonalds and most other fast food, but there are plenty of other reasons why I try to avoid that stuff.

    At least I know there’s something that I might not be highly disappointed in if I did happen to eat there again. The burger doesn’t sound that bad. But there’s no way I’m ever choosing McDonalds over In-N-Out.

  13. bj

    I actually like McDonald’s, but mostly because it is cheap and I am poor.

  14. Pa Ma

    My friend had Mushroom and Swiss. I had Deluxe.

    We both said we would order them again. (and we are looking forward to do so).

    This is big to us, as we usually do value menus. We are willing to spend $4 to have these again.

  15. Jason

    They also used to have bacon double cheeseburgers years ago. They had that weird round piece of bacon on them. I downed quite a few in high school because they were cheap.

  16. bruleeblog

    Interesting… they’ve had bacon cheeseburgers in Canada for quite a few years now. We’ve had the Angus burgers for a few months already too.

  17. Anthony

    I’m pretty indifferent to McDonalds. I try not to go there often because it really isn’t good for you. I like their McFlurries and can’t help but get a craving for a specific item from time to time. I think the Angus burger looks delicious.

  18. David

    I love McDonald’s because, where I go to school, they are the only fast food place open 24/7. They’re also cheap, and fairly tasty when you’re desparate to eat something.

  19. Molly

    My son works at McD’s and I asked him to bring me one home because I was getting really curious after all the reviews. I’m not a big burger person and really not a McD’s lover but I have to say it was a really great burger. I asked him to make me 1/2 swiss and mushroom and 1/2 bacon & cheese with no mayo. What I got was a bacon cheese burger with mushrooms on 1/2 of it. I thought the bacon was very crisp, loved the red onions and the new pickles are really, really good. For someone who doesn’t like burgers I would eat this again anytime.

  20. Thistle

    I’m with you on McDonalds burgers. While I do like their nuggets, I can’t think of one fast food place that I wouldn’t get a burger at before McDonalds… Still, yay coupons for free stuff!

  21. Raiders757

    @ Jason

    The round bacon? Holy crap, that’s more than a few years back. I don’t think McDonald’s has used the round bacon in nearly 15 years. At least not in my area. I don’t recall the bacon cheeseburger you speak of though. I can’t think of a single burger they have ever served to have had bacon on it. Then again, I don’t eat there all that often to have tried all of their burgers in the 39 years of my life, so I could be wrong.

  22. Insanewiches

    I just checked out the website. There’s a multiple choice that asks how the size of these burgers makes you feel. The first selection is “That’s so much sandwich, I’m 110% satisfied.” For anyone who’s tried one of these, how filling are they? It seems you’d have to be pretty hungry to down a third of a pound.

  23. amber

    McDonalds has always had bacon they serve it on the BLT chicken sandwich.

  24. Raiders757


    Yes, they’ve always had bacon, but they never promoted a burger with bacon on it. At least not on a national level.

  25. Jessica

    I love McDonald’s drinks – only $1 for the largest size! I always buy a large sweet tea on my way to work. I also love chicken mcnuggets.

  26. Gregg

    Although I’d rather eat at Wendy’s, I like Big Macs and the fish sandwiches!

  27. Karen

    McD’s is cheap, and their coffes are good n sweet n cheap. Wendy’s all the way.

  28. willrun4food

    While I hate, HATE, Ha-aaaa-te the burgers at McDonald’s, and as a marathon runner deny myself the fries, cinni-melts and McNuggets(though I hear they aren’t as good as those of my late 80’s/early 90’s memories), I DO like their salads(esp. the Asian) and the Snack raps do in a pinch. The only thing that makes me WANT to go? Shamrock Shake, baby.

  29. Sarah

    I have mixed feeling for McDonald’s. I hate how processed everything is, but still manage to get cravings for the food. My preferences are limited though Big’N’Tasty is the only burger I eat. I do wish they would bring back the Arch Deluxe! I also have the serious theory they sprinkle crack on their fries since they are so irresistible.

  30. Miles

    I tried one recently. My burger seemed smaller and not as attractive as in the pictures. It was thin…just wider in diameter. I expected it to be plump like a pub burger. The pickles were nice. It tasted closer to a BK burger than a McDonalds burger. I was not impressed. Even as I prefer BK, I would still not claim that they have good burgers either. Might be this place, but everything was saltier than usual, which was bothersome. Now that I tried it, I know to stay away from it. Remember, curiosity killed the cat.

  31. tim

    i wholeheartedly agree regarding your opinion on the mcdonald’s burgers. i rarely eat fast food, but when i do, why would i go to McD’s, when BK and Wendy’s are far superior?

    and why has McDonald’s been so reticent to introduce new burgers? BK seems to introduce them every month or something. given that McDonald’s has maintained their edge over BK maybe this is not a bad strategy, but still a bit odd.

  32. Youppi

    Eick – I don’t mean to poop on your parade, but this is exactly why you need to come to NY more often… These burgers have been on NYC McDonald’s menus for about 2 years now…

  33. Dave

    I’ve tried them all here in NY. They have been here for years. The deluxe one is great without mayo (they put a ton on) and the bacon one needs a slice of tomato.

  34. Patrick

    Yeah, back in the day(last I remember was 14-15 years ago), a number 7 value meal by me was a bacon-double-cheeseburger. I don’t know that they marketed it outwardly, but it was definitely on the menu. It was strange…very crisp bacon, obviously strips, but definitely arranged in a circular pattern before cooking them. It was tasty though.

  35. Bear Silber

    Just a note here. This is the ingredients list on the Angus burgers:

    “Grill Seasoning (salt, black pepper) and Angus Burger Seasoning: Salt, sugar, dextrose, onion powder, maltodextrin, natural butter flavor (dairy source), autolyzed yeast extract, spices, garlic powder, vegetable protein (hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat), natural (animal, plant and botanical source) and artificial flavors, dried beef broth, sunflower oil, caramel color, partially hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oil, gum arabic, soy sauce solids (wheat, soybean, salt, maltodextrin, caramel color), palm oil, Worcestershire sauce powder [distilled vinegar, molasses, corn syrup, salt, caramel color, garlic powder, sugar, spices, tamarind, natural flavor (fruit source)], beef fat, annatto and turmeric (color), calcium silicate and soybean oil (prevent caking).”

  36. chris

    Great burger! I had the Bacon and Cheese and it was delicious. A McD burger w/ red onions and bacon? AWESOME! I wish they would work on their bacon. It is just alright. But its better than Burger Kings’ kerosene soaked bacon that they throw on their sawdust burgers.

  37. cris

    don’t know what drew me to get one of these the other day – intrigued b/c Mickey Dee’s already took on the “Southern-style Chicken Sandwich” and Chik-Fil-A head on – I felt like this was a challenge to Hardee’s (much less the other guys). I was crazy surprised at this burger. Maybe b/c the flavor tasted exactly the way my dad would have made it (probably b/c we always had frozen murray’s steak burgers cooked in a frying pan!) but then with fresh veggies…. I am embarrased to be blown away…

  38. cris

    Oh, I’m just now seeing the “angus burger seasoning” – dad always mixed in Worchestershire, garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper – now I know why it tastes like dad’s!


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