I get a lot of crap e-mailed to me by food companies. But every once in a while, an interesting piece of information slips through all the junk.  Such was the case today. Hormel foods just conducted a survey asking American’s what their eating pet peeves are.  Check out some of the results below.

mouth of food

Which of the following are pet peeves you have regarding other people eating?

  • Chewing with Their Mouth Open  81%
  • Chewing Loudly  75%
  • Double-Dipping  57%
  • Taking Food From Someone Else’s Plate  52%
  • Scraping Their Plate Loudly to Get Every Last Bit of Food  42%
  • Eating With Their Fingers  34%
  • Not Eating Everything on Their Plate  25%
  • Mixing All Food Together Instead of Eating Parts Separately  21%
  • None of These  3%

So readers, what are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to food and eating? Any that aren’t on this list? Anything from the list you are surprised to see is more or less of a complaint than you thought?

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  1. Bear Silber

    Chewing with Their Mouth Open – Yeah, where were you raised…in a barn?

    Chewing Loudly – Not too much.
    Double-Dipping – Not at all.
    Taking Food From Someone Else’s Plate – It’s fine as long as it’s not my plate. I’m like Joey Tribbiani when it comes to sharing food.

    Scraping Their Plate Loudly to Get Every Last Bit of Food – That’s fine with me…mangia!

    Eating With Their Fingers – I love to do this…either that or chopsticks!

    Not Eating Everything on Their Plate – That actually kind of gets to me, must be how I was raised. From a family with 7 kids you only got what you got and you better darn well eat it.

    Mixing All Food Together Instead of Eating Parts Separately – I used to be a ‘uge sectional eater (eating everything seperatly and not moving on to the next until the prior was finished) but now I love to mix anything and everything!

    My biggest pet peeve really is unhealthy eating….and that’s not to say people shouldn’t eat whatever the hell they want but when you’re over 300 lbs there is no reason to be eating 2 Double Quarter Pounder meals from MacDonald’s or chairing up to a table alone at Hometown (Old Country) Buffet.

  2. WIBIA

    1. People that order steak well done.
    2. People that cut more than 3 pieces of steak off at one time.
    3. Fat kids eating at places that make them fat.
    4. People chewing on a bones at a nice restaurant (excluding ribs.)
    5. People that have more than 2 requests to modify the dish (can you leave off the…)
    6. Fat people that only eat half of their meal because it is a business dinner.
    7. Women that order salads on the first date, but the next 6 dates order everything but salad.
    8. People that can’t pronounce things on the menu and instead say “steak au whatever..”

  3. DAVE ID

    Noisy open mouth eating will get instant reprimand from me. I’ve literally told people at work “You’re disgusting, go chew your food away from me”

  4. Bear Silber

    Is there anything someone can do at a restaurant that you’ll actually stop them and mention it to them? …a stranger I mean.

  5. Miles

    1. When I make dinner for my lady, and it is nice and hot, and she eats her salad first while dinner cools.

    2. When people add hot sauce or salt to food they have not yet tasted.

  6. Insanewiches

    I can’t stand it when people eat at lightning speed and then rush me to do the same. I came from a family where you eat, enjoy and relax.

  7. Karen

    I have managed to train my husband to eat without letting the utensils touch his teeth. The sound of metal on someone’s teeth drive me batshit.
    I also dislike using plastic utensils or plastic cups.
    Meat overcooked is just a sin. Moo-ing still, for me is appropriate.

  8. jen

    All of the above


    When people do not close their lips around and scrape their teeth on their fork with every bite.

  9. Joanne

    All of them…depending on the day, one may bother me more than the others. Worst of all is the sound of popcorn eaters in movie theaters, chowing down on the stuff with open mouths. Just because they like to hear themselves eat, doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Oh don’t get me started!

  10. Frank

    While watching people chew with their mouths open disgusts me, what irkes me most are people who do not know how to handle utensils. Maybe it is some sort of European method or whatnot but must people hold their fork like Jason Vorhees and stab a piece of meat like it is a victim.


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