Last week we took a look back at the BK King in the 1970’s, noting that the “Magic” King back then was arguably no less creepy than the current incarnation of the BK King.  Now lets take a look at a McDonald’s ad from 1971, featuring none other than Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald, advertising a fun new Ronald McDonald doll! Creepy or adorable, you make the call!

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  1. Bear Silber

    Hahaha, I seen this thing before. Now talk about creepy. Come on! This is way worse than the BK one….how they started using him as a figurehead in the first place amazes me.

  2. Yasmin

    It was a simpler time back then.
    All it took was $1.00 plus tax to ensure a childhood riddled with nightmares and a consequently disturbed lifetime.
    Now it takes divorce, broken homes, domestic abuse and several screenings of the movie Gigli…aw shucks, kids these days.


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