Burger King has been pretty steadfast in sticking to their use of the creepy BK King despite decidely mixed reviews about the character.  But it’s important to remember that the BK King was not always creepy. There was a time where the King character appealed not to jaded 18-34 year old males with big appetites, but instead appealed to the starry eyed and optimistic children of America.

To see the contrast in the marketing technique utilized to shape the appeal of the BK King, take a look at this 1978 Burger King commercial, which features “The Magic Burger King” performing all sorts of tricks for an audience of captivated children:

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  1. Raiders757

    I wonder who it is that thinks this new “Peeping Tom” King is such a great idea? I mean really. This guy scares kids more than making them want to eat at BK. I hope it’s not meant to market to the adult consumer. Everyone I know thinks he looks stupid, as well as creepy. It’s an epic fail marketing scheme.

    BK needs a massive make over these days. They really do suck bad.

  2. Brian

    I thought the BK commercials they did with the King running around on the football field were humorous. Any of the other BK commercials I can think of with the King in them were just plain creepy.

  3. Antonio

    Umm that king seemed like a petifile.

    And the new king is funny.

    But i like the whopper family commericials better. The dad tells whopper junior he has something for him and gives him a wrapper. lol Priceless.


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