Center for Science in the Public Interest (you know those guys like to party) has awarded a “Xtreme Eating Award” to Applebee’s menu for their Quesadilla Burger. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “I like things that are extreme”, “I like eating” or maybe even “I like awards.”  That seems to be part of the problem. The award is intended to “single out foods high in calories, fat and sodium in restaurants.”  Oh. Well that sounds bad. But the “Xtreme (note the use of no “e”, which makes it more awesome) Eating Award” makes it sound like something awesome.  But no, they want you to be aware that this monstrosity of a burger contains 1,820 calories and a stunning 46 grams of saturated fat. Yikes.


Photo via the Applebee’s website (hence why it looks kind of fresh, and good).

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  1. Bear Silber

    Waaaahhhh!?! 1,820 calories and 46 grams of saturated fat. How the F did they do that? Sour cream, cheese, fat, butter, lard, Paula Deen’s caboose?

  2. Cary

    Eick, in that one meal you get more calories than you’re supposed eat in one day.

    YOUR MOVE MCDONALD’S. I fully expect a new sandwich called “The Face Melter” to appear, which is a Big Mac deep fried using two double cheeseburgers as buns.

  3. DAVE ID

    That’s INSANE. That’s a days worth of calories for some people. But then Applebee’s is crap from A to Z.

  4. Raiders757

    I’ve had one of those before, but asked to remove the sauce/guac or whatever it was, I can’t remember. It was pretty darn good if I recall, and it’s not often I say that about something from Applebee’s.

  5. Linda

    I have had a couple of the quesadilla burgers and I think they are the tops!! Plain hamburgers get very boring after awhile. I will buy the quesadilla everytime I go into Applebees.

  6. host/server

    That is such a damn lie! It has as much meat as any other burger, a little cheese,lettuce, pico,and mexi ranch, on a little tortilla shell..its no worse than any other burger…be serious

  7. applebees manager

    who cares. heart failure is not caused by food alone. lack of exercise and lazy habits combined with smoking drinking and drugs. to the person who said shame calories should be listed. yeah good idea because im a body builder and i rely on stuff like protein and calories and amino acids to be healthy but what you ment was to limit yourself due to lazy behavior. tell you what muscle weighs 3 times more than fat so get your round self on the treadmill. now if they come out with a crystal meth burger and you are stupid enough to eat it then people can say wow. this is just a simple item on the menu. want to prevent heart attacks? check your family history and exercise.

  8. Sue

    Everyone will eventually die from something, might as well be from the most delicious burger of all time! YUMMMM

  9. EugeneTheBeast

    I went to Applebee’s today and had the quesadilla burger. They cooked the lettuce! They grilled that sucker while the lettuce was in there!
    Never again.

  10. Alexis

    Regardless of any of the nutritional facts, this is one of the most delicious burgers I have ever had. Absolutely fabulous!

  11. wanni

    I agree with Alexis – this is indeed one of the most delicious burger meals. Ever.
    Just don’t eat it once a day or week. And – if you have it for lunch – you don’t need dinner that night. All easy and good. 🙂


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