As we covered in the post below, a few days ago Oprah promoted some coupons on her website for a free 2 piece Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal.  However, as Mom Logic noticed, the coupons, valid for a two week period, bizarrely singled out Mother’s Day as the one specific day when the coupon would not be honored.
Well one of KFC’s biggest competitors, El Pollo Loco, noticed this andannounced they would accept the KFC coupon at all El Pollo Loco locations on Mother’s Day.  They quickly put up a YouTube clip asking “What does KFC have against mom’s?”

So why wouldn’t KFC just accept this coupon on Mother’s Day? Well maybe they didn’t want to lose business? According to a post on Business Insider, Mother’s Day is, “one of their busiest days of the year.”

I’m going to say something that I imagine will not be at all controversial:  if you take your mom to KFC for Mother’s Day, you are a shitty son/daughter.

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  1. Bear Silber

    That’s a great final question….what if that’s what she really wants? Sometimes catering to exactly what an individual wants is the VERY best gift you can get them even if it’s something they’d have done on their own anyways….people can be creatures of habit/routine some times. I know I’m this way.

    That being said….I think KFC have been morons throughout this whole debacle and EPL has been genius. I don’t think they’ve received enough credit for their cleverness. “We’ll honor KFCs coupon on Mother’s Day…because be honor moms.” How awesome is that!!!! Hats off to El Pollo Loco….as if I couldn’t dislike KFCs imagine any more….I swear if ther Colonel hadn’t done such a good job earlier they’d be toast…that man’s image is all that keeps that place going but man o man does it keep going.

  2. CM

    When is an offer not really an offer? When El Pollo Loco fails to disclose that the offer is available “at participating locations only”, knowing full well that the locations owned by WKS Restaurant Corporation, their largest franchisee, would not be honoring the coupons. I personally call that false advertising. Well, here’s MY disclosure: I will not be honoring any of WKS’s El Pollo Loco, Denny’s, or Corner Bakery locations with any of my business, then!

  3. La4j

    I watched the show that day and Oprah said”the coupons aren’t valid on Mother’s Day, children you need to buy your Mother’s Day dinner for Mom”. so apparently she was of the mind that sons and daughters needed to come out of their pocket on that day, and KFC may very well have said they needed that day’s business. After much aggravation to get the coupon as the KFC site wouldn’t load…….

  4. La4j

    ….then the Oprah site offered it as a PDF download, then when I get to KFC , they refused to honor it as “too many people are copying the original coupon and using counterfeits so we are not accepting the coupon”, needless to say I was unhappy , I spent at least an hour on the computer trying to get the darn coupon then when I finally did, can’t use it!!! I intend to email Oprah here soon. I am unemployed and was happy to be able to get the meals for me and my son…every little bit helps but then…well u know how went..POOP!!

  5. Haley

    KFC clearly hates mothers, why else would they take their baby chicks from them and throw the males in the grinder alive and then do to the same with the mothers themselves in the broiler tanks? Not sure why everyone’s so shocked.

  6. JoeBloggs

    Bit of a late post on this one – apparently Mothers Day is the busiest day of the year for KFC as traditionally it’s Mum’s day off, and Dad has to sort out the dinner. Hence he can’t be bithered, and gets a KFC bucket instead.

    Hence why it’s not valid for mothers day

  7. justme

    Seriously I would assume that a woman would go ballistic if someone used a coupon to buy her Mothers Day dinner


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