Wow. This one totally slipped past me. I was reading the AdAge Viral Video chart for last week and noticed that a video from Cadbury called “Cadbury Eyebrows” was #3.  Apparently the video already has more than 3.3 million views on YouTube, but since it’s not airing on television here in the U.S. it’s probably been off the radar for most Americans. Check it out:

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  1. food techie

    I don’t like that too much though… If the eyebrow thing was only for some brief moments, it might be cute. But it was too long for my brain to detect the details and how digitallized it all was. Of course, all ads have some amount of fake stuff, but that’s just too noticeable.

  2. rossitron

    uh, food techie… sorry you’re not able to have any fun in life. must be a dull existence. “this movie was great… but my brain detected it was fake.” riiiiiiight. that’s lame.

    video was awesome, though.


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