Tracy from I Hate My Message Board took the photos. Head over to her post to see a bunch more pictures!

H/T to Buzzfeed and Food Network Humor.

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  1. Cary

    It’s like someone snarfed an entire chicken into a can. I’m rubbernecking like crazy…can’t…look…away…THE HORROR!

  2. Seeko

    My mom used to make the best homemade chicken noodle soup using “One Whole Chicken” same, idea. different brand. There is nothing wrong with this. weirdos, lol

  3. rossitron

    looks like keanau (i can’t be bothered to spell-check that) reeves after waking up from the matrix, covered in jelly.

  4. food techie

    No way.

    The pictures on her blog were even more disgusting. gross. Looks like something from a halloween dinner or something.

  5. RomanShower

    Ahhhhhhh! that should be illegal..I’ve never seen something so disgusting. I think I’m going to go buy one because really, how can I not?

  6. Patrick Bruneni

    For a date with a girl with whom I had long been obsessed, I once cooked a whole chicken from a can I found in a roommate’s cupboard in 1983 that he had bought during the Watergate Crisis. It was delicious, and the fact that my date that night was never seen again has nothing to do with that chicken. Believe me.

  7. Theresa Bender

    This is food people. Many go hungry in this world. If you were starving? I bet you would eat it. This tastes pretty good, and I bet everyone that mocks it, has never tried it.

    You should worry about using drugs and popping pills instead of condemning Chicken that God put on this earth for human consumption. Grow up!


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