Last Monday, KFC introduced their new Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Today, they’re looking for the opportunity to try and hook those of us who haven’t tried it yet by giving a piece of it away for free at all KFC locations. How do I know they are doing this? Because their hip new website, UnThinkKFC says so!


The website features an image of a big bucket of the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken with a button that says “Try it Free April 27. Click for Coupon.” But when you click the button for the free coupon, instead of taking you to a page to get a free coupon, it instead gives you this message:


LOL indeed! Oh KFC. You are the living end!

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  1. food techie

    hmmm….. sounds schneaky….. I wonder if KFC is going to pull off a “Pepsi”. When people barge in KFC on the 27th for free chicken, KFC would say “Sorry, first 10 customers only” or something!

  2. Steven

    I sampled this free chicken today with my girlfriend and we agreed that it was basically just thinly disguised fried chicken. imagine regular KFC without the breading and there you have grilled KFC. If anyone disagrees, feel free to speak up.


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