Bacon Pancake Mix

A while back, a friend of So Good blog, Bacon Freak, sent a care package to the SG World HQ with a number of their baconcentric products.  The one I found most interesting was their Maple Bacon Pancake Mix.
Last weekend, I decided to try it out.  One reason I chose this item was my love for flapjacks, almost any time of day.  Plain buttermilk are my favorite, but sometimes I like to change things up.  This was certainly one of those times.

Now we all know about the bacon craze that is going on, so for people that are true bacon buffs, these pancakes are for you.  I first appreciated their potency when I first opened the bag of mix, and my nostrils were filled of the aroma of a smokehouse.  Powerful stuff.  This mix only required water, so making the batter was a snap.  I soon had it ready to go in my hot skillet. 

Bacon Pancakes

The batter had pieces of real bacon as well as what they call “maple chunks.” 

The perfectly cooked item:

Bacon Pancake Cooked

Overall, these pancakes had a serious bacon flavor far beyond the actual bacon pieces in the mix.  This flavor really drowned out any maple sweetness provided by the maple pieces, which seemed to melt during cooking.  If you are hard core into bacon, this mix is recommended.  If not, proceed with caution. 

Also check out their bacon jerky selection – the Summer BLT being a fave.
H/t to Wikimedia for the HQ shot.

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  1. Bear Silber

    Again…I’m not a fan of the bacon fad…and I’m sure it’s going to get worse before it gets better…but this looks AWESOME. I love the McGriddles and this is almost like a McGriddle all in one cake…..if only you added some scrambled eggs to it 😛

  2. Vanilla

    What would be a nice syrup to add in this bacon pancakes? I never tried this. Honey, mapple, or vanilla?


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