Click HERE to see the initial post about Meat Madness and full 32 meat bracket.  Click HERE to view a preview of the final four match-ups.

Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed.  Bacon defeats Chicken 60% – 40% and advances to the final!

Final Four voting has begun! From Noon today until noon on Thursday we will be voting to determine who will advance to the championship match-up, Chicken or Bacon.  The winner of this match-up will face the winner of the Steak vs. Crab match-up.

As usual, please utilize the comment section to vigorously argue for which meat you think should advance.


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38 Responses

  1. Bear Silber

    Bacon had become overrated. Chicken will never grow old….it’s not hyped like the current bacon fad. Chicken goes with anything, chicken can be substituted for any other meat…..everything “tastes like chicken”. Bacon doesn’t have the staying power 🙂

  2. Michael

    you know i had a bacon chicken sandwich last night. funny but i do not remember tasting the chicken. The bacon was very nice! oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaacccccccccccooooooooooonnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Raiders757

    The reason bacon keeps wining is because all of the bacon blogs are sending their readers over to vote for it.

    I love bacon, but there is no way it would get any further than this round without outside help. That is why a lot of internet polls and such are pretty much worthless. All it takes is a fan site to find out about one, and the fix is in. We do it all of the time over at music forums I belong to. Ex: Rush is in a poll. The word gets put out on the the Rush forums, and thousands of us go and vote for Rush. If other forums don’t do the same, the fix is in, and no other band stands a chance.

  4. Heather

    Chicken is so boring it will never be lucky enough to be a “fad” (if you can call 3500 years of history a “fad”). 😉

  5. Nina

    @Raiders757 Doesn’t bacon having blogs and communities that are mobilizing say something about how great bacon is? Where are the chicken fan pages???

    Go Bacon!

  6. BaconQueen

    I cannot believe you chicken people. Buffalo wings are just chicken trying to be as good as bacon and failing. Chicken is everywhere, even when it’s not chicken. Bacon has no equal. Nothing tastes like bacon but bacon. Hail bacon.

  7. Eick

    Raiders757 is right that every time bacon has been up for a vote, several (if not more) pro-bacon sites and blogs are linking here and encouraging their readers to vote for bacon. I don’t think this indicates any kind of “fix”, it’s really just an example of the widespread support for bacon in the blogosphere. I.e. pro-bacon voters coming to So Good is not an indication of support for bacon being overrepresented in the poll results, rather it is a testament to how much bacon support there is scattered throughout the internet – in the case of bacon, their supporters tend to be more organized than other kinds of food.

    What’s the solution? Pro-chicken voters should e-mail, blog, Twitter or use Facebook to encourage like-minded friends and individuals to come to So Good and vote for chicken.

    Don’t complain that supporters of one meat are winning because they are organized, instead organize some opposition!

  8. Nate

    bacon makes chicken better but chicken does not make bacon better.

    I still call steak over bacon in the final.

  9. BaconQueen

    Bacon is the virtuous meat. It does for others (salads, burgers, stew, even chicken as Nate points out) what they cannot do for themselves. And it’s lovely all by itself.

  10. Antonio

    How the hell is bacon winning. Chicken taste better and does more things. Bacon taste the same every time you cook it. Chicken can taste so many different ways.


  11. BaconQueen

    Chicken is just a blank meat slate for those other tastes you like, such as bacon.

  12. Hillary

    I agree with the commenter who said “buffalo wings, that is all”. Even if I ate bacon, no one is going to take away my buffalo chicken obsession!

  13. Steven

    I think people are neglecting to consider that the comparison of Chicken and Bacon is unbalanced in that Chicken is an animal whose meat can be prepared in a number of ways, whereas Bacon is solely fried strips of pork. Treat this like a ‘Would You Rather’ question; would you rather give up fried pork strips or fried chicken drumsticks, hot wings, chicken sandwiches, grilled chicken, and everything else that you can make with chicken? Also consider the opposite, if you were trapped in a room with only one of these two meats, people choosing bacon would most likely succumb to a cavalcade of gastrointestinal misfortune… just some ideas to influence your decision

  14. BaconQueen

    Alas, we do not live in a one-meat world. So let us not be fooled by a false choice presented such as Steven does (trapped in a room…) Please, continue to consume chicken with all its’ various adornments. Meat greatness does not a chicken make. I give you bacon.

  15. ChickenHatesMe

    I’m allergic to chicken you insensitive clogs! Bacon gets me vote because I can eat it and not die.

  16. Ed H

    I think the problem with this bracket is that you should have specified what kind of chicken. How it’s prepared would definitely make a difference, especially if the chicken were fried (perhaps in bacon grease). Either that, or generalize more and do Pig vs. Chicken. Pig wins!

  17. camerashy

    Have you ever heard of “chicken wrapped” anything? On the other hand bacon is used to wrap many things including a great steak…that has to say something, and besides it is great on it’s own

  18. rossitron

    ever heard of:

    bacon parmesan?
    bacon pot-pie?
    buffalo style bacon-wings?
    kung pao bacon?
    kentucky fried bacon?
    bacon kabab?
    jerk bacon?
    bacon enchiladas?
    bacon and waffles? (well, ok…)
    bacon noodle soup?
    tur-duck-on? (though, it might not be bad)
    bbq bacon pizza?
    bacon and pesto pasta?
    bacon au vin?
    rotisserie bacon?

    alright. bacon probably should win. i’d eat a piece of bacon over a piece of chicken any day. chicken does win, though, if you’re going by versatility.

  19. tela mcfadden

    Chicken – although if broccoli tasted like bacon – more people would eat it

  20. chardee

    Uh, come on- this is a no-brainer. Which is more versatile? Did anyone EVER coin the phrase “tastes just like bacon” I think not- and for good reason. There are very few foods that taste like bacon-although there was that badly prepared octopus I had that one time…..Anyway, chicken can be prepared to taste like almost anything, and for that poor b..d who is allergic to it- try snake. It tastes just like chicken :>

  21. Hillary

    I can’t believe bacon won. Jon, I think you threw this battle with all your bacon blogging DURING the voting period. Tsk, tsk…

  22. Eick


    While I did write two posts about bacon during the voting, I would argue that neither of them made bacon sound more appetizing. One was a gun made out of bacon (gross) and the other compared bacon lovers to chemistry nerds.

    I’ve been rooting for bacon to get upset all along, but honestly, chicken might be a little to boring to take it out. I thought sausage had a shot, but then it was upset in the first round by ribs.


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