The quest to determine what is the greatest meat continues. This week we enter the Final Four. A winner in each meat region has been crowned, and now they are set to do battle to decide which one of them is the ultimate meat.  With the Final Four now upon us, we have  extended voting hours slightly from 24 hours to 48 hours per match-up.


Click below for previews of the match-ups and the voting schedule for this week.

First Match-Up: Chicken vs. Bacon

Polls for this match-up will open at Noon on Tuesday and remain open until Noon on Thursday.

Chicken – Winner of the Poulty Region, #1 seed.

Many assumed that Chicken’s early dominance was due to weak early match-ups against Quail and Rabbit. But Chicken made a huge statement in the Elite 8, absolutely destroying Thanksgiving and sandwich favorite Turkey 71% – 29%.  So what is Chicken’s key to success? Affordability, accessibility and versatility perhaps? Fried chicken and chicken wings are favorites of eaters everywhere, and there are just so many delicious ways you can cook or prepare Chicken.

Bacon – Winner of the Pork Region, #1 seed.

Bacon. You know it, you love it, and you know the internet/foodie obsession with it.  I thought Sausage was the only meat with a chance of stopping Bacon in this region, and after Sausage was upset by Ribs in the first round, Bacon’s Pork Region title may have been inevitable.  Bacon had no trouble brushing off Ribs in the Elite 8, 69% – 31%.  Will Chicken be the meat that finally gives it a challenge?

Second Match-Up: Steak vs. Crab

Polls for this match-up will open at Noon on Thursday and remain open until Noon on Saturday.

Steak – Winner of the Red Meat Region, #1 seed.

Steak has easily crushed all competitors so far to date, most recently beating #2 seed Lamb with a more than convincing 77% – 23% victory.  Ground Beef, with its versatility, might have been the only hope to prevent Steak from winning this region, but after Ground Beeffell to Lamb, Steak has steamrolled its way into the Final Four.

Crab – Winner of the Seafood Region, #6 seed.

You just can’t hold a good Crab down. With perhaps the toughest road to the Final Four, Crab knocked off seafood heavyweights like Salmon and Scallops in close, but never tight votes, before pulling out a 5 vote victory over Lobster in the Elite 8 to claim the crown as best Seafood.

Join us all week in voting for, and arguing which of these four meats deserves the crown.  The final match-up to determine the Meat Madness winner will take place next week.

8 Responses

  1. matt

    This looks like two contests of meats against condiments. Bacon and Crab are both used to augment other meats. Everyone has heard of crab stuffed flounder, but no one has thought of steak stuffed crab. There are also no Steak bits or Chicken bits like there are Bacon bits.

  2. Denis

    Don’t know how to vote, but put a vote in for me for Bacon to win it all. When I have my Food Network show it’s going to be called, “Everything’s Better With Bacon.” YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!


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