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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed. Chicken defeats Turkey 71% – 29%.

In yesterday’s match-up, Steak brushed aside Lamb to easily win the Red Meat bracket and secure itself a place in the Final Four. Today we determine the winner of the Poultry region, and it should be quite a battle of heavyweights, with #1 seed Chicken taking on #2 seed Turkey.

Voting will be open until noon tomorrow.  Please use the comment section to argue for the meat you think should prevail and why.


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7 Responses

  1. Youppi

    C’MON TURKEY! After this is all said and done, if Turkey loses, I don’t want to hear anyone say that Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday, since the backing for Turkey is so dissapointing.

    Bacon lovers: what about Turkey Bacon? Is there such a thing as Chicken bacon?

    You think fried chicken is good? Try Fried Turkey!! What about Turkey sausages, turkey meatballs, turkey loaf.

    what about turkey…

    VOTE TURKEY ’09!!!

  2. Sean

    Chicken and turkey are both pretty boring, but I have to vote turkey on this one based on my mom’s post-thanksgiving-leftover turkey soup. Chicken is nearly as pedestrian as it comes when you are talking about food

  3. Cary

    Youppi, once again your insane campaigning will back-fire. Both are boring and will surely lose in the next round, but chicken is better, plain and simple.

    Chicken 09 to whenevs!

  4. Youppi

    I don’t care about the next round, I care about this round.

    I’m just saying, when it comes to ‘best meat’, regardless of who wins in the end, I want the mini battles to be thought out is all, not just ‘ah whatevs, steak is going to win, so I’ll just click chicken’ etc…

    how about Turkey Burgers? Those giant turkey legs you’d get at a Ren. fair? Turkey dogs?


  5. Raiders757

    I love Turkey, but sorry, so much more can be done with Chicken.

    Turkey Bacon? Uh, no. No way. Terrible.

    Turkey Burgers? Nasty. There’s just something funky about a Turkey Burger.

    Turkey Dogs? The only hot dogs worth eating, are made with beef. Anything else, is just nasty.

    I love Fried Turkey, but Fried Chicken is ten times better.

    Turkey Legs are great, but I would much rather have a batch of Buffalo style Chicken Wings instead.

    Turkey is great on a sub and is a great part of a wonderful meal. Other than that, there isn’t much.

    Chicken however, is far from boring, as some like to claim. You can do a lot with chicken. It’s far from boring, as it’s on of the more versatile meats on the planet.

    Just thinking of Beer Can Chicken, or BBQ Chicken Breast, gives it a win.

  6. matt

    The big problem with turkey is that you have so much of it after cooking the whole bird. No matter what it gets boring. After all how many things can you do with 10 lbs of leftover Turkey?


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