We have completed the first round of Meat Madness voting.  While 3 out of 4 number 5-seeds knocked off 4-seeds, and  6-seed Crab knocked off Salmon, most of the higher seeds survived the first round – the one exception being the stunning defeat of Sausage at the hands of 7-seed Ribs.

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We have some interesting second round match-ups coming up.  Check back here on Monday when Round 2 voting will begin.

Any thoughts or predictions on how the 2nd round will/should go down?

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9 Responses

  1. bellaaltissima@gmail.com'

    The round by round voting is interesting, but I think there can be no doubt that the ultimate winner will be bacon. The internet loves bacon.

  2. matteson.ross@gmail.com'

    steak over buffalo

    ground beef over lamb

    lobster over shrimp

    crab over scallops

    chicken over rabbit

    duck over turkey

    bacon over pulled pork

    and yes…

    ribs over prosciutto

  3. dr-paisley@kc.rr.com'
    Dr Paisley

    While the seeding of ground beef above venison raises questions about the quality of the selection committee, the fact that it beat venison demonstrates that the majority of the voters’ taste is in their mouths solely* due to said orifice being occupied by their shoes.

    Very sad.

    *See what I did there?

  4. plushpuppy31@gmail.com'

    I agree with the good Dr. that venison is superior to ground beef but I don’t agree with his assetment. The problem with venison for most is twofold, one most haven’t tried venison, two many people have a problem with eating deer they think of bambi and get squeamish.

  5. launate@gmail.com'

    Bacon vs. Steak in the Final, but Steak wins because you eat Steak with bacon on top but you don’t eat Bacon with steak on top.

  6. eicksmoosejunk@huge.biz'

    i came close on round one, here are my round 2 predictions…

    steak over buffalo
    gBeef over lamb
    lobster over shrimp
    crabs over scallops
    chicken over rabbit
    TURKEY over duck
    bacon over pulled pork
    ribs over prosciutto

  7. justin.shatraw@gmail.com'

    i’ve had plenty of venison and even when it’s good, it’s not great. long live beef.

    RIP veal

    maybe next year, guys….

    buffalo… are you f’in kidding me?

  8. mjskiff@gmail.com'

    I agree with you on the venison front Shatraw, but its ground beef, we’re talking burgers and taco meat, not exactly the gold standard of beef.

    In memory of veal’s tragic loss, I herebt pledge to eat even more of it in 2009 than I did in 2008. Suck it enviros.

    Steak, lamb, lobster, crab, chicken, duck, bacon and ribs to the elite 8.


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