Those of you who have had Krispy Kreme donuts before might agree that they are sooooo good. Well how good are they? A clearly non-detail oriented employee for NBC 26 seems to be oblivious to just HOW good the graphic he chose for a Krispy Kreme story says they are.  This happened a couple years ago, but like NBC’s old Thursday night line up, if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.  Check out the screen shot and look closely…..


Clearly this employee was asked to find an image of the Krispy Kreme logo. A quick Google Image search for “Krispy Kreme” currently brings up this same graphic, sans the “suck dick” comment on the first page of results. On the current  second page of results is this  similar looking Krispy Kreme image from a site called My guess is back when the graphics guy pulled this together for the story it was on the first page, and he/she was oblivious to the fact that this version of the graphic contained the offensive phrase.  Whoops.

H/T to Don Chavez and Slightly Warped.

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  1. KrappyKrisp

    Theres a legend that the spirit of hotdogs lives in each and every doughnut so lovingly made in the time honored tradition of the Sausage King. You were already saying “Man the Krispy King is a chump sellin his doughnuts so cheap!” Then he goes an hides his hotdog up in in the deal. You might even make it through lunch with a deal like that.


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