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  1. Greg

    Kangaroo is awesome! Free-range (of course) so it’s very lean. The classic pairing is with beetroot (“beets” in the USA). Australia has 2 animals on its coat of arms, a kangaroo and an emu, and both are used as food.

  2. Robin LoRe

    Kriky, don’t they have enough meat Downunder with all the beef, lamb, mutton and camel they produce? They have to eat the frigging kangaroo’s too? What’s next? Koala Kabobs?

  3. Frank

    Kangaroo taste bloody good, so does emu & crocodile

    I haven’t got to the Koalas yet, but next time I hit one with a car, I’ll cook it up & see.

    It’s always good to tenderize your meat before cooking, isn’t it?

  4. Sammy

    Robin- we have a veritable arseload of roos in aus. When we end up with too many of something, we eat it. Cane toad anyone?

    P.s – roo is awesome with morrocan spice

  5. Civis Juzer

    Kangaroo steak can be really tasty – depends how was it fried. Kangaroo sausages are delicious too – especially with smashed potato and green onion salad!


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