Footage has surfaced of the President-Elect appearing on a restaurant review show called Check, Please! which bills itself as “America’s first real-people restaurant review show.” The segment is from 2001, when Obama was just a wee State Senator.  However the episode that Obama was part of never aired.  In this radio clip from WBEZ,  the producer of the show explains that it never aired because the two other guests on the show that day barely talked, and the producers didn’t get the balanced discussion they would have liked to have seen in a normal episode.

In the clip, Obama discusses a soul food restaurant in his home neighborhood of Hyde Park called Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop.  The episode will air for the first time on January 16th on WTTW.

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    Everyone’s a food critic these days!

    Still, fascinating to watch. Like really old reruns of The Dating Game when Farrah Fawcett and other TV celebrities were young and beautiful.



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