Two interesting posts I’ve seen in the last two weeks tying video games in with food. First, about two weeks ago, Asylum had a post featuring 27 pictures of Video Game Cakes.  Two of the ones I found most interesting appear below:

Also, today, Slashfood has a post up showing a Bento box created by Flickr user kirainet that is designed to look like a Playstation controller:


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  1. Cary

    The Atari made me mess my pants. If only there was a cake TV that had cake Berserk being played.

  2. Nick

    The Bento is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Could you imagine opening up your lunch at school and seeing that bad boy? Man that would be sweet.

    Seaweed never looked so good.

  3. Youppi

    before eating the Nintendo cake, it is customary to open the front flap and blow inside…

    Now, where is my edible version of Code Name: Viper?


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