The Office of National Drug Control Policy has a new ad campaign intended to “promote” jobs that a pot-head could actually do, like couch guard or burrito taster. The ad concludes with the line, “Hey, not trying to be your mom, but there aren’t many jobs out there for potheads.”

Adrants likes the design of the ads, and I agree they are interesting from a design standpoint. However, the Marijuana Policy Project is calling it the “lamest anti-marijuana campaign yet.” My thoughts? We have a hell of a lot of serious problems to fix in this country. It’s embarassing that my country’s priorities still include wasting money on crap like this instead of using tax dollars to solve real problems.

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  1. Cary

    Considering more than half of our population indulges in the weed, I’m not really sure what this ad really means. Half of our workforce has admitted to smoking weed. So, I’d say that there are A LOT of jobs for potheads. I’d agree with the campaign if it said something to the affect of, “Weed will not help you get a job,” which is at least grounded in some kind of reality. Meanwhile, cocaine and meth are becoming a bigger and more dangerous problem by the second. This ad is terrifying in its ignorance of basic facts.

  2. ThiNg

    Uh they seem to forget all of the dumb asses who drink all day and can’t hold down a job either. Where are the ads bashing drinkers? What about smokers? How many jobs don’t hire people who smoke? How much productivity is lost to people who take ‘5 minute’ breaks 40 times a day? We need to start worrying about the drugs that cause real problems, drinking should be higher on the list than pot.

    Next time I meet a guy who likes to get drunk and beats his wife and kids I’ll be sure to offer him a job over the pot smoker…

  3. Jon

    Just once I’d like to see an ad that shows a regular guy painting a beautiful painting in a smoke filled room.

    with the caption saying “it certainly helps”.

  4. yoyo

    this is a really good website! so funny and a good example of Americans obsession with food. Now i love food but i am about eating healthy and making it fun. this shit u are showing is pretty gross but funny! thanx!


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