Time for a little fun with Google Analytics.  Based purely on looking at the stats for So Good, I have to assume that people are obsessing over the election and very little else right now.  Check out the top ten search terms that brought people to So Good over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday):

Wow. Every single one of the top 10 searches bringing people to my blog were related to McCain’s favorite foods or Obama’s favorite foods.  This is just the top 10. I’d say there were another 15-20 variations of this search term in the rest of the top 50 searches leading people to So Good over the weekend.

These types of searches were bringing me a little bit of traffic over the summer and in September, but it really kicked up in October.  Check out the top 10 searches that lead people to So Good during the month of October:

Once again, dominated by searches related to the election. 5 of the 10 are looking for info on Obama and McCain’s favorite foods, and a 6th is looking for info regarding Sarah Palin and her love of moose.


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