This hilarious and bizarre gem comes courtesy of the fantastic food blog bread & honey who discovered something very, very interesting in the packaging of some Cascadian Farm frozen broccoli. Can you see anything odd?

Neither could I, until bread & honey provided zoomed in photos.

Yes, those are little tiny human heads on the tips of the broccoli. Whoa. What were they smoking over at Cascadian farms when they decided to do this? Whatever it is Cascadian farms, please mail me some.

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  1. Looking Glass

    Well hell’s bells. That’s flippen random of them. Instinctively I was expecting something pornographic. You know like Disney is to the Little Mermaid cover. Or something equally similar. But this…
    …this is just drug induced no doubt.

  2. Andrew Jaswa

    Heh, great find. Alot of designers I know try to incorporate their faces or other random objects into designs. Most of the time they do it for the challenge.

  3. James



    Do you really need to tell us this? I mean, we are looking at BROCCOLI. Of course the stuff is Photoshopped.



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