How many Mountain Dew’s would that be exactly? I’m guessing somewhere between 1 and 1,460 depending on your passion for the beverage. Why am I speculating how much a year’s supply of the Dew is? Well because that’s one of the prizes Mountain Dew is offering for their contest for the best idea for a kick-off event to publicize the launch of the new Mountain Dew Voltage. Whoever suggests the best idea will win a trip for two to the launch event, and two runners-up will receive a years supply of the Dew.

Some of you may remember that Mountain Dew’s newest flavor was selected through an online vote of the people, in a project called “Dewmocracy.” Earlier in the summer I wrote about how, at the time, Voltage was winning in a landslide. Even though the product is already available in stores, Mountain Dew is still preparing for the official launch. You only have until October 14th to submit your idea, so if you have a hankering for a one year supply of Dew, get those suggestions in fast. Here are a couple amusing suggestions that have already been submitted:

Right. Um, ok then. That’s not so much a suggestion for a way to launch Voltage, as it is for a whole new product line: glow in the dark soda. I’m not sure I’d want to drink a soda that glows in the dark…..

There’s also this gem:

Ok…..well, that’s an interesting idea for a TV ad. But can you imagine actually attempting to do this live at a launch event? I’m pretty sure it’s quite difficult for a NASCAR driver to “kick” a case of soda with their tires and into the hands of an onlooker. This idea has all the makings of a catastrophic death caused by someone being hit in the head with a flying case of Mountain Dew – that would probably be bad PR.

Think you have an idea that could be a winner? Are you just flat out jonesing for a years supply of Dew? If so, feel free to submit your own idea at the DEWmocracy Voltage website.

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