These are hard times folks.  The US economy continues to decline and the only thing poised to go up on Wall Street are suicide rates.  No one is safe… not even your local grocery store!  Lately I have been noticing the prices of my weekly food staples slowly creeping up.  Food in New York City has never been cheap (is anything in NYC cheap?) but this is getting ridiculous.  Simple favorites like milk, eggs and cheese are getting more and more expensive. Just this week the price of my favorite chips went up 10 cents!  It may sound like I am being cheap, but it all adds up – trust me.

In my area, milk is now over $4.00 a gallon and a dozen eggs can be upwards of $2.00. I’m talking about regular stuff too, not fancy schmancy organics.  This is ridiculous.  No wonder we have an obesity crisis in this country.  I could buy a fast food feast for the same price as 3 apples.  When a poor mother has to worry about feeding her kids I just don’t think the apples are gonna cut it.

So how do we solve this crisis?  I have no idea.  I fear that in the coming year it might just be a more economical decision for me to purchase a cow and some chickens, because the way things are going soon the price of livestock will probably rival that of milk and eggs.  The only problem is, I don’t know if my apartment is big enough for a cow.

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