I recently discussed my frustration with my co-workers, many of whom insist on making eating at work a hassle at best.  Well, some woman in New York may have the answer to my prayers!  Apparently,  Sherwood Forlee shares my annoyance at the trials of trying to hang on to your lunch at work, and thus designed some sandwich bags that make your sandwich look moldy.

Clever, except that this really does nothing for me.  I suppose it’s great for anyone whose sandwich is routinely stolen out of the company fridge but the thieves in my office go after “higher end” fare.  Yogurt? Yes. Soda? Yes. Chips? Yes. Sandwiches? No.  In fact, I have never had a sandwich stolen. Who steals a sandwich?! Here in my office, they take pretty much anything BUT sandwiches.

It makes sense, something prepackaged presents a cleaner more alluring air for a thief than something that you’ve had your hands all over.  I don’t know, I definitely give Sherwood props for trying, and I am happy that her worries have ended, but I am still accepting other solutions.  FYI I have tried labeling and “hiding” my goods behind the milk but the thieves are stealthy (or maybe super hungry?).

Editor’s note: I don’t think this plan would work in my office either, mostly because we try and throw out old and moldy stuff whenever we see it. If I saw this bag in my office fridge, I would throw it out.

I am also open to suggestions on dealing with gross food smells… you know, like actual moldy sandwiches.

via Slashfood

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  1. Hillary

    Haha! I would totally throw that out if I saw that too but that is clever!

    On another note, who steals lunches? That’s borderline ridiculous.

  2. Ace

    That’s a good idea except for the part when your coworkers realize that you’re the guy eating all of the moldy sandwiches. It would just get awkward after that.


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