Boxes of Obama Waffles were being snapped up by conservatives at the Value Voters Summit until the event organizers forced the booth to be shut down.  Apparently one of the things these so-called “Value Voters” value is racial stereotypes and continuing to suggest that Obama might be a Muslim.  According to the AP, the Obama Waffles box features:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a racial stereotype on its front and wearing Arab-like headdress on its top flap.

The makers of the product, Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMoss, are writers from Tennesse, and see the product as political satire.  Political satire? Sure, that’s valid. But what about the racial and religious component? Open Left describes how the product:

depicts Obama and Michelle Obama as thick-lipped, bug-eyed “Aunt Jemimah” stereotypes

And what about the use of an image of Obama in an Arab headress?  This is a blatent nod to the many-times-debunked rumors that he is secretly a Muslim.

There is also a website for Obama Waffles that prominently features noted “waffler” John Kerry in the banner:

Ok, political satire, I get it. But just a couple inches below the main banner is an unflattering portrayal of Michelle Obama:

Wow. I have seen far too many examples this election season of an appalling lack of good taste and judgment by the many conservatives who seem hell-bent on sabotaging and mocking Barack Obama.

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  1. DEB

    I am simply horrified that FRC and Focus on the Family did not dig into this deeper before allowing these waffles to be sold. This is clearly racist attempt and gives a bad reputation for the Christians and Christian values the Conservatives are preaching. This reminds me of self-righteousness and religious bigotry.


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