So, August 8th marked the one-year anniversary of So Good. Considering that I went from about 500 readers in the first month, to 75,000 last month, I probably should have said something about how great my readers are, thanks for spreading the word etc. etc. Or maybe I should have prepared a post looking at my five favorite posts ever or something. Maybe I should have prepared a big retro-spective looking at all my favorite would you rathers.

Or something. I dunno. I was on vacation all last week, and Friday, which would have been the one-year anniversary, I was on the beach. I was drunk, on the beach, laying in the sun, and was doing my damndest to not think of anything computer related. Whoops. My bad.

So kind of sad huh? No post to celebrate one year of blogging. But seriously, thank you to all my readers, I have so much fun writing stuff for So Good. The reason I keep going is the feedback I get from my readers, its so flattering to hear from people who like my writing. In the next day or two I’ll write something up looking back at all we’ve accomplished together with So Good. Promise.

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  1. Sarah Grace

    I am finally getting caught up on my blog reading… where did you go on vacation? I think I’ll be in DC at the end of August (Labor Day weekend), let me know if you’ll be around!


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