You know the economy is bad, when even a behemoth like McDonalds is feeling the pain! Apparently, the dollar menu is at risk! It seems Mickey D’s is reducing the amount of cheese on the double cheeseburger due to rising dairy prices. Really McDonalds? I mean what’s next, no bun due to the rising cost of wheat? And I bet pretty soon after that, the soggy piece of lettuce along with the tomato will depart due to a salmonella or e-coli scare. I swear, in a couple of months the only thing the dollar menu is gonna offer is change for a dollar.

via Gothamist

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  1. Youppi

    a double cheeseburger hasn’t graced a mcdonald’s dollar menu in NY City since the Dinkins administration.

    and i’m talking a $1 double cheeseburger, not the “dollar” double on the “dollar” menu that is actually $1.79.

  2. Farrel

    Actually, the double cheeseburger doesn’t have lettuce or tomato on it. Just dehydrated onions, mustard, ketchup, and pickle. Which is fine by me; when I worked at a McD’s back in high school, I never cared much for their woody tomatoes.


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