You’ve got to hand it to Burger King. Even in the midst of successful advertising campaigns like the Whopper Freakout, they’ve stuck with the character of the BK King, despite mixed reviews. But now, with the introduction of their new “fun and nutritious” kids meals, they’ve added a brand new BK King character to the mix – Little King, who, based on his shin kicking antics in his first ad, is quite the little brat.

The ads are part of a campaign to promote Burger King’s new version of a kids meal, which features Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Apple “Fries” and Hershey’s milk.

Apparently Burger King isn’t being very proactive about putting the commercial online, and neither are regular consumers. The only version of the ad I could find is this poor quality video of the last 15 seconds of the commercial, which features the Little King kicking his “dad” in the shins. Fun.

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  1. barred owl

    1. that little king is TERRIFYING!
    2. apple fries are an interesting idea, but is suspect that (like all prepackaged sliced apple products) they don’t taste very good because of the brown-preventing agents coating them.
    3. since when does Kraft Mac&Cheese count as healthy?

  2. We Are Never Full

    When we were little we had Ronald McDonald – cute and cuddly or scary and chestery (as in chester the molester)? You decide… but one thing I know for sure is that plastic-faced scary “king” is not cute, cuddly or chestery! just plain frightening!!

    oh, and burger king, apple fries is not going get me to bring my kids there any sooner (ok, so my kids are unborn, but i ain’t going either!)

  3. Ann

    I think the Little King is a total brat and is a bad influence on children today. Why must you show him kicking his father? With the lack of respect and morals today, why couldn’t you have shown the Little King giving his father a great big hug instead? Try teaching the children to be nice to their parents instead of being vicious.

  4. Eick

    Um…Ann, I didn’t make the ad, I’m merely reporting on it. I had no ability to show the little king giving his dad a hug.


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