My buddy Lupo “Wolf” Ragazzo, who writes for DCSportsFan, has just posted a review of a burger joint in Tenleytown called “Z Burger.”  He praises the quality of the restaurants food and shakes, and says that as far as reviews go, Z burger “deserves an A.”   As someone who was totally unaware of Z burger, I have to admit, his review left me salivating.

“Wolf” notes that their burgers are made with “a mix of about 50 percent ground chuck, 25 percent sirloin and 25 percent brisket.” Yum.

Another thing that intrigues me: more than 60 milkshakes and malts that include flavors like Frozen Hot Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake and Mounds.

Even more exciting news? Apparently Z Burger is planning on opening several new locations, including in my hood of Adams Morgan and the nearby Dupont Circle neighborhood.

Click HERE to read “Wolf’s” full review of Z Burger.

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  1. Kim

    wow. this is the first blog from DC (with food reviews) that i’ve come across. i am now going to go to z burger this weekend because the review/pictures made me want it. thanks!!


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