The NY Times Travel section has a great article on the increasingly delicious foods available in America’s ballparks. Even cooler than the article itself, an interactive map, that allows you to click on all the different ballparks across the country. For each ballpark, the writers suggest a food to order and a food to avoid. For example, at Nationals Park, they recommend the Noah’s pretzel, but suggest you avoid the chili dog at Hard Times Cafe. Check out the map HERE.

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  1. Johnna Knows Good Food

    the reps for the nationals games have been boasting for awhile how the food combinations have changed at the Nats games and how they’re supposed to be good…I’m excited to taste!

  2. Youppi

    very nice eick.

    I have to say, the sausages at Shea are really good. Best bang for your buck (aside from the corn dogs) and I’m a little surprised they didn’t make the list…

  3. buddytjc

    My family did a baseball roadtrip and found the food at the new home of the New York Mets ( CITI FIELD) is by far the best food these Chicagoans have tasted.


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