Introducing Tim McGraw’s Spicy Jalapeño Fritos:

(Photo via Slashfood)

I’m a sucker for any spicy snack or anything jalapeño, so I’m eager to try this. Adage and Slashfood both got a hold of a bag and have written reviews (Note to Frito-Lay: where’s the free sample love for So Good?)

Adage writes:

The verdict? These are good. So good, in fact, that I somehow managed to eat the whole bag. They’re not as spicy as I’d like but there is enough of a kick to make your mouth pleasantly tingle long after you’ve swallowed the last chip.

Slashfood seems to agree:

After tasting the chips, I am forced to admit that they are darn tasty. They aren’t actually all that spicy, but they capture the heat and greenness of a jalapeño pepper in a way that is addictive and delicious.

Damn. Sounds like I need to get a bag. Fritos has said the chips are currently available in select areas, and will be available nationwide shortly.

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