Sometimes, a viral marketing campaign dies before you even know it exists. That could be the case with the Mentos Kiss Cam. What is the Mentos Kiss Cam? My peeps at Endless Simmer break it down for you:

The concept of the Mentos Kiss Cam is pretty bizarre: a busty blond in a skimpy swimsuit emerges from the ocean, comes this close to your computer screen, instructs you to turn on your webcam, and you’re supposed to make out with her. Not kidding. She actually waits there until you move your mouth up to the computer, and then you get to French her. In case you’re into dudes and/or horses, there’s an alternate make-out option involving a dashing white knight on horseback.

But here’s the interesting part, after being live for only a couple days, the site now has a screen that says “Be Back Soon.” Endless Simmer has some speculation on why this might have happened.

If this marketing gimmick fails to make a return, it’s too bad those of us who missed it won’t get to see how bizarre it is for someone to make out with a computer screen. Oh wait…..thanks to the miracle of YouTube, we can still view the promotional trailer for the site. As Endless Simmer notes, the video contains “outrageously excited nipples.” Enjoy.

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  1. Gilahi

    Wow. Interactive porn. Who needs 900 numbers? I suspect they pulled the ad because they realized that the last thing on anyone’s mind after seeing this was a breath mint. Maybe a cigarette…..


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