The California Milk Processor Board has a new internet heavy marketing campaign that features a band called White Gold. The brain child of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, White Gold, like any modern band, has a MySpace page, Facebook group and a website.


However, unlike most modern bands, White Gold features a hilariously self-absorbed front man who acts like he came straight from Spinal Tap. The band/campaign is just starting to draw attention in the blogosphere, but with the originality of the concept, I expect online buzz to grow even stronger. Their first six 30-second ads were released yesterday, including the one below:

White Gold’s YouTube channel features the two full length music videos they have put out so far, as well as five additional 30-second ads. The YouTube video for their fist “single” is titled One Gallon Axe. The song has already drawn more than 350,000 views in its first three weeks online. Click below the fold to view the video and read my concluding thoughts on this campaign.

Spoof bands done right are hilarious, and the genre has by no means been exhausted. The internet is littered with failed online marketing campaigns, but White Gold seems to have found a perfect balance of a funny concept, amusing TV ads, and high quality production value for its online components. Goodby Silverstein seems to have hit the nail on the head with this one, as White Gold feels like a winner.

(Disclosure: The company I work for is helping to promote White Gold, although I am not personally involved in this campaign or client)

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  1. Firkin

    #1 woooO!

    that guy was in the movie “Accepted” with Keanu Reeve’s ugly little cousin (whatever that kid’s name is).

    also — what does “draw attention on the blogosphere” mean? this is a MILK COMMERCIAL


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