Yesterday, two new burgers hit the Burger King menu. The Steakhouse Burger, and the Loaded Steakhouse Burger.

(Steakhouse Burger photo from

According to Burger King’s press release, the Steakhouse Burger:

Features a flame-broiled steak burger topped with two slices of melted American cheese, A.1. Thick & Hearty steak sauce, crispy onions, red ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuce and creamy mayonnaise on a premium bakery bun.

The Loaded Steakhouse Burger appears to be a very interesting variation on the original. The “loaded” version has no lettuce, tomato and mayo, instead replacing those things with, “crispy bacon” and what Burger King is calling a “loaded baked potato topping.” So what is that exactly? Well one blogger described it more as, “a smear of mashed potatoes the size of a pat of butter.”

The early reviews are harsh

Hmmmm. That bad huh? Have any So Good readers out there there tried this yet?

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  1. Isabella

    I actually have tried this, im not big on fast food, but this burger is actually pretty good! i couldnt finish the whole thing b/c its too big for me but the meat is very tasty. considering that is around $7 u cant complain

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t know about the loaded version, but the regular steakhouse burger is very tasty.

  3. Laurie

    I ordered the steakhouse (did not specify loaded as I didn’t know about that) and got this awful burger with a white pasty substance on the bottom and no tomato and no lettuce. It really was awful and I called the store and they said it was a loaded burger with mashed potatoes. Really terrible and very unhappy that the store decided to make mine a loaded burger.

  4. Maureen

    I ordered a Burger King Steakhouse today and I could not believe how horrible it tasted. Although I did not specifically ask for the loaded version that is what I received. It turned out to be a greasy, salty, pasty mess of hamburger atop of a gluey mass of mashed potatoes squished into a bun. I can’t imagine who would have thought of such an unappetizing pairing on a burger. Yuck!

  5. ems_cougar

    I got the two cheese, and it was ACTUAL cheddar and swiss. The real test

    Was……how did it taste cold?

    This is the first burger in my LIFE from a fast food place that was still tasty hours later!!! I DO NOT do fast food unless I have to. I will be back for another one of these!!


  6. Rhee Ali Tee

    The Steakhouse Burger is the best fast food, even sit down restaurant, burger for the money. McDonald’s may be killing Starbucks’ terrible Pike and Verona blends with their regular coffee no less, but their Angus Burger’s not even close to Burger King’s Steakhouse burger.

  7. Glen

    I absolutely LOVED the Loaded Steakhouse Burger. I used to buy it about every time I went on the USF campus for class. The bbq, potatoe, and fried onion pieces gave it a tasty, and unique flavor not available anywhere else. I would LOVE for them to bring it back, but it doesn’t look good for that anytime soon.

    AWESOME burger.


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