Greetings readers. As some of you may know, in addition to being a food lover and writer, I am also a humorist with experience in sketch and improv comedy. For the last 3 years I’ve worked part-time as a stand-up comedian. After working the DC Improv last April, opening 6 shows for Guy Torry, I went into semi-retirement to focus more on my writing, having done only one weekend long stand-up gig in Baltimore since then.

But tonight, your humble blogger-in-chief, Jon Eick, makes his triumphant return to the stage in order to help friends, the Black & White Jacksons, put on one hell of a CD release party at the Velvet Lounge in DC. I’ve never played a rock club type venue before, so it should be an interesting show. I’ll go on shortly after 10, as I will be opening for the two bands, so come on out and see me if you aren’t doing anything tonight.  Please, don’t be shy, come up and say hi after the show and let me know if you are a So Good reader!


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  1. Youppi

    If you are one of the unfortunate people who haven’t seen Eick preform, make sure you check out his show. One funny dude.

  2. Eick

    Awwww….a ringing endorsement! Thanks Buuuuuuudy.

    Let’s hope I’m not too rusty.

    And yes, I will be doing many, many jokes about food.

  3. shatraw

    dude, why is there a comma on that poster between “comedian” and “Jon Eick”?

    that’s bullshit, man.

    eick, do the family eating in the movie theater joke. that’s my fave!

    *stars in eyes*


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