And that’s saying something, because I take on all sorts of fast food monstrosities. No, I think one thing more disgusting than everything else I have written about so far would have to be the edible anus:


Seriously, this is REVOLTING. Why would this be made and why does this company continue to make it? Gag gift? Do kinky swingers give this to each other on Valentine’s Day? Well rather than speculate, why don’t we just read the testimonials from their website. Wait what? Uh, yeah, that’s right, they have testimonials:


Wait a second. “Anus comentator?” Putting aside the fact that they spelled commentator wrong, for those of you questioning whether an “anus commentator” is a real thing, let’s look once more at how it was worded: PROFESSIONAL anus commentator. Meaning someone who is actually PAID to comment on the anus. Yech. Imagine having that as your job title?

So as I suspected, it appears a lot of people buy these for gag gifts or inappropriate parties:


Although it appears a few anus buyers have them in mind for more formal events:


Yep, that’s right, they also offer a limited edition Silver Anus.


I’m guessing at this point most of my readers are either:

A) Cleaning up the mess caused by their head exploding

B) Laughing their ass off

C) Violently vomiting


8 Responses

  1. Arjewtino

    I recently read a book (Elephants on Acid) that showed that people are more likely to find perfectly good food that only LOOKS like something gross to be far worse than awful food that looks better.

  2. shatraw

    ah, this would have been funnier if they actually just manufactured “chocolate starfish” and let your imagination do the rest.

    weird weird weird.

  3. tami

    my reaction to this:

    1) mouth drops open

    2) wild hyena-like cackling

    3) a gigglesnort

    4) total speechlessness that this is real

    5) reminding myself how awesome SoGood is 🙂

  4. Bollo

    As long as it tastes like Chocolate and not burritos and PBR.

    Also, do you bring out the Silver Anus with the china and the Waterford Crystal? Like a centerpiece or fancy napkin-ring?


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