That’s what some scientists are calling the new cauliflower strains that have been developed in Europe. There is no genetic engineering involved, they are just the result of cross-breeding. The colorful cauliflower is, in some ways, considered an upgrade. The orange version has as much as 25 times the levels of beta carotene.


Info and picture via Daily Mail.

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  1. Lemmonex

    Though I am generally against disguising foods for kids–I hate the whole jessica seinfeld “hide the veggies” movement–this may be a fun way to get kids to eat something that is good for them. I gotta admit, purple cauliflower is kinda cool.

  2. MC Spanky McGee

    Those are kinda trippy, the purple one especially.

    See what happens when they pull those out at Applebee’s. Heh.

    Could get rejected, could be a big hit. Dunno.

  3. Abi Jones

    They have the purple and orange ones (and crazy pyramid shaped ones too) at Eastern Market when they’re in season. The summer, I think.

  4. K

    I’ve been buying these for several years from a farmer’s market. They are gorgeous on a plate when roasted, and add some great color to a meal. Just don’t make a soup out of the purple one.

  5. Julie

    That cauliflower caught my eye, it’s so vibrant. I see these once in awhile at the supermarket but for some reason these just look so much better.


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