Tonight, couples across America will celebrate their love for each other and singles will band together to drown their sorrows in pints of beer (yeah, I’m doing a bar crawl tonight). I would like to point out that while Valentine’s Day often involves eating out for a fancy dinner, the day itself is not focused on any specific food. That’s what makes the “man’s Valentine’s Day” somewhat more interesting, because it is focused on a specific food that most men love: steak. Yes, I’m talking about Steak & BJ Day on March 14th.


While Valentine’s Day is ostentatiously a holiday about the relationship between men and women (or women & women and men & men) conventional wisdom seems to suggest that it’s a holiday that is more “for the ladies.” Fairly or unfairly, it is sometimes portrayed as being a hassle or a burden for a guy to meet his girlfriend’s expectations for the night.

Thus the creation of the male version of Valentine’s Day, Steak & BJ day, which takes place on March 14th. What is Steak & BJ day? Well frankly, no further explanation is needed. Every aspect of the day is summarized in the name. Eat a steak, get/give a BJ.

Honestly, if you are a foodie at heart, then the focus of Steak & BJ day on a specific food item should make it superior to Valentine’s Day, which alleges no focus on any specific food item, with the possible exception of those candy hearts that taste like chalk.


So don’t forget March 14th ladies and gents. But until then, So Good wishes you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day. May those of you already with someone relish the joy of their company, and may those of you who are still single find a wonderful guy/gal tonight to spend some time with.

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  1. shatraw

    that’s the most disturbing thing i’ve ever read. the above comment, that is.

    steak & bj day is awesome. favorite day of the year!

  2. Ruca Bangs

    How to ruin the Bj part of SBJ-DAY = wearing a shirt celebrating it. Chicks hate giving BJ’s when you know its coming, they’re all about surprise BJ’s, specifically when you surprise them by bathing.


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