Okay, so we finally know about the official In-N-Out secret menu and now we are ready for more locations.

East that is. Seriously, don’t be shy. At first it was just California, Arizona and Nevada, but now we learn that you are taking one small step closer to the east coast, by opening your first restaurant in Utah.



Yes I know there is still a long way to go before they hit the east coast. Plus, In-N-Out has stupidly vowed that they will not open any new stores more than 500 miles from its Baldwin Park distribution center so they can deliver fresh burger patties every few days to stores. Right….because there are no other distribution centers in the country capable of delivering fresh beef. As much as I love Five Guys, nothing is better than a double-double animal style from In-N-Out.



Let’s go In-N-Out! Pick up the pace and get your deliciousness out to the east coast already!

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