Pizza Hut has announced nationwide mobile ordering. You can now order food through their web-site, a text message or on a web-enabled phone. Yes that’s right, Pizza Hut has gone all high tech. Yeah 2008! Pizza Hut is a little behind their competitors on this one though. Domino’s and Papa John’s both let their customers (at least for some of their stores) order via text message and/or web based phones. However, if Pizza Hut’s plan is to allow this option for all their restaurants, and through all these various platforms, that may give them a leg up on the pizza chain tech race.


One question still remains though, who likes pizza from Pizza Hut, Domino’s or Papa John’s? Bleh. I mean, I’ll eat it if it’s in front of me, but embrace your local pizzeria people, you can do much better!

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  1. lemmonex

    I don’t do Papa John’s for taste reason and Domino’s for ethical reasons, but hot damn if I don’t love me some Pizza Hut from time to time. Did you do the “Book It” program in elementary school? A good deep dish is like a trip down nerdy memory lane…

  2. hillary_b

    Book it! With the giant button that you got stars on! That had a sweet hologram!

    Thanks for that, lemmonex.

    Oh, and all that pizza is crap.

  3. shatraw

    book it was the shit. i blame it for getting me A) addicted to pizza and B) fat.

    we even went on a field trip once to pizza hut… to see how pizza was made!

  4. fun

    as a connossieur of pizza, i feel compelled to chime in.

    i’ve had pizza hut, domino’s, and pope’s in saratoga at least 200 hundred times each. only about 10 papa john’s visits, i never had one near me until a couple years ago, i’ve had chicago deep dish probably about 100 times, at every major place out there, and hundreds upon hundreds of various slices at nyc and nj places. the rankings are as follows:

    1. nj
    2. nyc
    3. domino’s
    4. papa john’s
    5. pizza hut

    and as we all know thin crust is laughable at the major chains. gotta go traditional/pan. also shoutout to pope’s in saratoga, a diamond in the rough as it were, which would be right there or above the new jersey slice.

    oh and my brother and i agree there is a decent chance that eating enough pizza will burn a hole in your stomach.

  5. fun

    that should’ve “there is a decent chance that eating enough pizza HUT will burn a whole in your stomach.”

    eick, please edit.

    and i mentioned pope’s twice. it’s THAT good.

  6. Ruca Bangs

    Fun: If Popes is so good(it is) then why doesnt it make your rankings?

    Pizza Hut is good for one thing: Gluttony competitions i.e. the all-you-can eat lunch buffets. I dunno if they still do it, but it used to rule. Especially b/c pizza hut actually makes excellent breadsticks and there was always a fresh pile. But if you ever have a score to settle with someone, make them try to best

    Don’t touch that ‘dessert pizza’ though. DONT TOUCH IT!

  7. shatraw

    papa johns is gross. dominos is basically sauce on crackers. out of the chains (and this ain’t saying much), the hut is where it’s at.

    but really, don’t get your pizza from chains. get it from popes. have them freeze it and ship it in dry ice if you have to.

  8. fun

    pope’s doesn’t make my official rankings because no one’s ever going to go there. i mean, for god’s sake, we “skiddies” have a hard enough time getting slices when passing through town, and we practically invented it!

    d’andrea’s= garbage.


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