Kettle Foods, the makers of many delicious chips, announced today the winner of their latest consumer vote to pick a new Kettle Chip flavor. This was the “Fire & Spice” match-up. The four other finalists, Jalapeno Salsa Fresca, Mango Chili, Wicked Hot Sauce and Orange Ginger Wasabi lost out to Death Valley Chipotle:


It will hit stores in the late spring but if you want to eat it now, or try some of the other 4 flavors that won’t continue to be made, you can order a Fire & Spice pack. The winning chip is described as, “a smoky blend of red chili, cayenne, chipotle, habanero and herbs.”

Now I haven’t tried any of these chips, so this may in fact be the best one, but I’m a little uninspired by the selection. Chipotle? Haven’t we had enough chipotle saturation of the food market yet? Everyone and their mother are making things that are chipotle flavored. To me, Orange Ginger Wasabi sounds by far the most interesting, and as a lover of hot sauce, I would like to try some chips that try and closely mimic that flavor.

Update: I just ordered the Fire & Spice five pack, so when I receive them I will report back on how they taste and my thoughts on each of the chips.

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  1. Blake

    Death Valley Yuck-bomb!

    I got the fire and spice pack just the other day and have yet to find a friend who ranks the Chipotle #1! The choices in general were not much to scream at, but I did find the Wicked Hot Sauce and the Jalapeño Salsa Fresca to be monumentally more delicious. Democracy? I say protect me from the tyranny of the majority!

  2. L C

    I am completely addicted to Death Valley Chipotle potato chips! They are fantastic – please try them.

  3. anonymous

    I tohught that the Death Valley Chipotle was nasty! And it wa NOT spicy at all! Its overrated. If you thought it was spicy, you’re a pussy!!!


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