I was reading the blog over at Treehugger, which is an environmental site dedicated to promoting sustainability and green solutions, when I stumbled across a post from one of their bloggers titled “Recipe of the Week.” In this case, Kelly, from Toronto, was sharing her personal Caesar Salad recipe. She noted that she is always disappointed with Caesar Salad’s in restaurants, so she was sharing it with the readers in the hopes that they liked it and found it more satisfying then the Caesar Salads they are used to eating.


So how did the readers of TreeHugger react? By revealing themselves to be obnoxious, ungrateful and ridiculous, by bashing the post with comments such as:

“And how exactly is this green? (Besides the colour of the leaves, of course.)”

“Um.. Yeah, Romaine Lettuce is OUT OF SEASON. So… this ‘green’ recipe is being driven in a truck up from Mexico to grace your holiday plates.”

“Agreed, this post is not green, eggs are not a green commodity and neither are anchovies. And certainly the bacon option should have been left off. Pig farming is absolutely not eco!!! This post turns me off.”

I have a message for the three people who left these comments: CRAM IT. There was absolutely no ill intent behind this post. Kelly was trying to do a nice, friendly thing, by sharing with you a recipe that she enjoys, and thought you might enjoy as well. But rather than just accept the recipe for what it is, you ungracious uber-activists have the audacity to criticize the post? You do realize you are getting worked up over a Caesar Salad right? Her blog post is a recipe for a salad, not a manifesto for how to destroy the earth.

So let me just say to these three individuals: CHILL OUT. Take a deep breath, stop hating on salad recipes, and be a little more appreciative of what others try to share with you.

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    This is the internet, if people don’t like something, they do the only human thing.

    Bitch until someone agrees.


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