That’s the speculation over at WalletPop. Why? Well unbenknowst to me:

“Wheat has topped $10 a bushel due to dry weather in Argentina bringing concerns about a global shortage; it’s already doubled this year and seems to be climbing a steep price curve.”

Well whadda know? Wheat prices have doubled? Global shortage? Meh. Hadn’t noticed. Then again, I’m not usually buying barrels full of wheat. Also, I refuse to buy name brand cereal when it’s not on sale (since it goes on sale about every 9 days). Seriously, is anyone out there paying full retail price for cereal? If so, you’re crazy. (Note: That does NOT make it ok to buy the generico crap in the bags on the bottom shelf).


Also, my dad briefly worked for General Mills when I was a kid. For the next three Christmas’s they would always send us free Frankenberry and Count Chocula in an attempt to lure him back to work there. As an 8 year-old, I couldn’t fathom how out of his mind my dad must have been to NOT work somewhere that gives you free Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Unfortunately this story has nothing to do with this post at all, so I’m ending it……now.

You know what the best part about this posting was? I never strayed off topic…er, you know, whatever.

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  1. Hillary

    JEEZus! $7? Rising wheat prices? Sounds a little fishy to me…

    Not that I’ve looked recently around me in Chicago but I don’t think it’s that much here. Where was this outrageous price?

  2. Eick

    Don’t think it’s gotten that high anywhere yet, but they were speculating it might if the price of wheat keeps soaring.


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