Greetings So Good readers. Even the wittiest food bloggers amongst us need some time off. In a few hours, I’ll be boarding a plane to Miami for a week long cruise through the Carribean. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to a week away from work and a week in the sun and on the beach. Plus, I plan on devouring a lot of free steaks on the ship. However, I refuse to turn my back on my loyal So Good readers who need their food/funny fix. So what does this mean? While I won’t be at a computer to provide you with Blog/News Round-Ups this week, thanks to the magic of WordPress technology, I will have a NEW post every single day this week! So for all my readers who were fearing a week without So Good, no need to worry, you’ll get to read at least one, sometimes two new posts each day!

You can’t stop So Good, you can only hope to contain it. Have a great week everyone.

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