Last week, on the day before Thanksgiving, competitive eater Tim “Eater X” Janus devoured a ten person Thanksgiving feast in just 15 minutes. The reason Janus did this was….wait for it…wait for it…….to raise awareness of those who go hungry.

Hey thanks Tim, we were totally unaware that some people go hungry. However, after hearing that you ate a ten-person feast, we are now 100% aware that yes, hunger in America is an issue. Although based on this article, one can only assume that the reason hunger is an issue is because you are EATING FOOD THAT COULD FEED TEN PEOPLE.

So Tim, instead of making people AWARE that some folks go hungry, why don’t you give that food to 10 hungry people? That way, and I know this suggestion is going to seem pretty radical – they can actually eat the food and not be hungry anymore!

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  1. Hillary

    You know how people claim they shouldn’t waste food by saying “think of all the hungry people in _____ (fill in blank with some third world country name)”. Well this post title reminded me that I NEVER thought that made any sense. I’d always want to reply…so let’s give them this food – I don’t want it!

  2. Vegameatarian

    lol, that’s a great response Hillary, you should have said that.

    Maybe Bill Gates should raise awareness for poverty by buying himself another private jet instead of all that silly charity stuff he does buying medicines and vaccines.


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