On Thursday, Pat Bertoletti won the 2007 Turkey Bowl. In 8 minutes he put back 6.91 pounds of turkey, besting runner-up (and #1 ranked eater) Joey Chestnut. In October, I suggested that Beroletti was on the verge of becoming America’s #1 ranked eater. Granted I have no idea how the ranking system works, but Bertoletti had just won grit, waffle and chicken wing eating competitions in a span of about 2 months and seemed poised to claim the #1 spot.

“When I’m not eating I work hard to look moderately emo.”

But then something happened. Or should I say nothing happened. No loss of the #1 spot by Chestnut, no news of Bertoletti’s ascension. After the chicken wing contest, Bertoletti had bested Chestnut 6-to-5 in head-to-head matchups in 2007. But Chestnut showed he may have lost some battles, but he was still fighting the war, winning the Krystal Burger Square Off while Bertoletti finished a surprising 3rd. But with this victory in the Turkey Bowl, Bertoletti now leads the 2007 series 7-6. So what will it take for him to seize the #1 spot?

Well apparently the Turkey Bowl was round 2 of a Spike TV tournament, and the top 5 finishers will battle for $10,000 and the championship title in a ham eating contest which will air in December. According to Chestnut, he will, “lose the top spot according to the International Federation of Competitive Eating if he’s beaten by Bertoletti.”

Wow. It was only four months ago that Chestnut defeated the seemingly unbeatable Kobayashi in the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest and Bertoletti was a mere after-thought. In fact, Joey Chestnut became such a force in eating with his monumental win over Kobayashi, that he has been nominated for the Sportsman of the Year award by Sports Ilustrated writer Pablo Torre. Hmmm…well guys, he was a star in July, but his star seems about to fall back to earth. All hail the soon-to-be champion, Pat Bertoletti!

If for some reason you would like to see some video clips from the Turkey Bowl, Spike TV has some clips up on Ifilm.

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  1. Heather

    It looks like he’s standing at the entrance of an unfinished Starbucks. They couldn’t have at least slapped some paint on the ceiling?


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