It seems there are actually a few things that President Bush can do without totally screwing them up. Foreign policy isn’t one of them, but thankfully, pardoning turkeys is! The pardoning of two turkeys, May and Flower, went off without a hitch yesterday.


So how are the two turkey’s going to celebrate? By going to Disney World!

No seriously, they are going to Disney World. That was not a joke. They arrived in Orlando last night, and are going to live the rest of their lives in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Ok……


But forget about Disney World. My favorite quote of the whole article:

“Nearly 100 people crowded the terminal — all to get a glipse of turkeys May and Flower.”

The question must be asked…who ARE these people? What kind of country do we live in? Who has such a boring life that they go to the airport on a Tuesday night to see two turkey’s arrive? 100 people? Really? Really?

Oh, and also, the two Turkey’s flew first class. Seriously. They each had their own first class seat. Folks, I’ve flown a couple dozen times in my life, and I have NEVER sat in first class. Can you imagine being on that flight? You’re jammed into a tiny seat in coach with no leg room. Meanwhile, two of the first class seats are being occupied by a BIRD YOU EAT ALL THE TIME! What airline allowed this? Whoever they were, they are royal douchebags. They should have given those seats to someone that could actually enjoy them…like, you know, A PERSON.

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  1. Ruca Bangs

    Because he’s a terrible president!

    But have fun getting stewed about it with your 24% of friends.

  2. shatraw

    wow. your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. two first class tickets from DC to Orlando, c/o your fucking paychecks.


    also, woodrock, did you just move to america? whether a president is great or terrible, it’s our duty as americans to poke fun at his (or maybe her someday) foibles. you must have missed that question on the immigration exam. here it is again.

    14) When the President of the United States uses your tax dollars to fly two “pardoned” Thanksgiving turkeys to Disney World — first class — do you:

    A) Share your thoughts on what a brilliant humanitarian he is
    B) Consider how the pardoning of two turkeys juxtaposes his “here no evil, see no evil” support of foreign American run prisons with questionable interrogation practices
    C) Have a warm feeling inside while deep frying your turducken and swilling a Budweiser
    D) Make fun of him for being a dork

    think carefully.

  3. Karen

    I think people crowded around because those turkeys met the president. It makes you feel a little more important to be standing near turkeys that stood next to George Bush.

  4. woodrockBVS

    Sorry guys did not want to make this a political thing. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I know I do not want to go back to work, but here I am…

    ohhh and I choose C and D. I know the media and everyone has to be a watchdog over the government, but come on guys smile. It makes the world taste better.

  5. shatraw

    jeez woodrock, you’re so insensitive. I CAN’T SMILE THANKS TO AN “ACCIDENT” WITH A TURKEY. (unrelated to thanksgiving. i know; weird, right?)

    hence, that part of me that wants to see no turkey go pardoned, regardless of the political administration.

    also, i haven’t been to disney world since i was 10 and have never flown first class (yet am 6’4″). you’ll have to excuse me for reacting badly when two turkeys are currently living a better life than i am.


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