Well, at least for an hour or two you can be. In imagination land. Of course by imagination land, I mean that you can be a celebrity chef in the comfort of your own home after defeating between 1 and 5 of your closest friends in “Celebrity Chef! The Game.”


You play the game by moving around a board that looks suspiciously similar to a Trivial Pursuit board (design infringement anyone?). As you move, you need to answer questions from categories such as Name that Dish, Cook Off!, Chef School, The Bar and Tools & Technique’s.


Shockingly, to become a celebrity chef, you actually have to display some knowledge of cooking. All the questions in the game are about food, drinks and cooking technique. The company has a “Test Your Mettle” option on their web site, where you can try out the game. If the sample questions are any indicator, the game requires you to display some basic knowledge of cooking, with the occasional foray into the obscure. I would consider my knowledge of cooking moderate, and I was able to answer about 60-70% of the questions right, which leads me to believe that anyone who works as an actual chef, would ace the game, whereas anyone who never cooks would probably hate it.

Essentially, the game is Trivial Pursuit: Food & Cooking edition. So if that appeals to you, by all means, head to the website and buy a copy. For me, this game sounds fun to play once, but a total snooze to tackle again, so this guy is going to take a pass on purchasing it.

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  1. shatraw

    EICK, this is a combination of two of your favorite things: food and board games!

    how dare you not purchase this!

    i’m calling your parents and telling them to get it for you for christmas. you’ll have this in your stack of board games one way or another; i swear it.


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