I have uncovered some shocking information that needs to be shared with the voters of America. Ron Paul supporters appear to be plotting a massive, nationwide campaign to spam America’s food banks. Despite absolutely NO EVIDENCE that food banks have specifically asked Paul supporters to donate food, his supporters are hatching a plot to bring hundreds, perhaps even thousands of pounds of food to America’s food banks. This is spamming, plain and simple. It could even be a sinister attempt to crush our nations fragile food bank system.


Most of us have heard of spam in regards to e-mail and the internet. But in it’s loosest definition it means to send something to another person or group that is unsolicited and unrequested. Paul supporters have taken criticism in the past for spamming various parts of the internet with their pro-Paul messages but now their efforts may be getting even more nefarious, targeting not bloggers, but volunteers and hard-working social workers at America’s food banks.

Ron Paul supporters already made news, with their spamming of food banks in South Carolina over the summer, but now they are plotting to go after food banks all over the country. How do I know? On the Ron Paul Meet-Up board, a supporter is asking all Ron Paul Meet-Up’s to conduct a food drive for Halloween. Not only that, there have already been reports of unsolicited food drives in New Hampshire. The goal: spam food banks with hundreds of pounds of food that they weren’t expecting and didn’t ask Paul supporters to give.

This news would be less worrisome if it was just a few rogue Paul supporters spamming food banks on their own time, but Three Q blog reports that at a Ron Paul event in New Hampshire, Ron Paul’s OWN CAMPAIGN MANAGER encouraged attendees of a rally to donate to a food drive, presumably so the campaign could then use that food to spam food banks!

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have evidence of members of the Paul campaign, at the highest levels, openly ENCOURAGING spamming. It’s one thing to spam the internet, where pro-Paul messages can be easily ignored, but when Paul supporters start spamming America’s food banks, it’s time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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  1. Bob

    Spamming food banks might work, but it might also put Ron Paul in an awkward position. Speaking of awkward positions, I wrote about Ron Paul in a quandary earlier today. See below:

    Early this afternoon, I found Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul sandwiched between Ellen Degeneres and Fred Thompson’s wife, and I’m guessing the experience made the 72-year-old congressman from Texas a bit uncomfortable.

    My chance encounter with Ron Paul came after reading a Reuter’s story, Sex, Nazi, burrito and Viagra: Who Googles What?, which highlighted how Google Trends tracks popular keywords and the countries from which searches for those words were initiated most often. After reading the article, I decided to visit Google Trends and found the following search terms described as “Today’s Hot Trends“:

    jessica mcclure
    moms and mutts
    bree tierney
    lisa g
    staph infection
    actor pickens
    colbert for president
    stephen colbert

    Below the list above was another entry — More Hot Trends » — which I clicked upon to see if I would find “Ron Paul” in the 11th spot.

    Unfortunately for his followers and members of the news media who thrive on painting Ron Paul as the darling of the internet, I didn’t find his name there. Instead, I had to wade through 17 more entries before finding the only Ron Paul-related entry among the Top 100 Hot Trends.

    In the 26th spot, I found Ron Paul — specifically, ron paul press conference — wedged between ellen degeneres on his left and fred thompson wife on his right.

  2. Ruca Bangs

    A couple of months ago, I was a block from grand central and I heard a huge roaring sound, then watched as hundreds of people ran by me yelling and leaving high-heels behind and falling down and whatnot. It turned out to be a crazy explosion that shot steam as high as a skyscraper, and I couldnt get home forever because they closed the subways in the area, but all the panicky street-folk thought NYC was under attack again.

    On Friday, I was in Grand Central, trying to catch a train and I heard another massive roar. Expecting the worst, I tried to get to my gate in the hopes that our train could leave before the disaster struck(fake or real). My path was suddenly blocked by some smiling and waving guy, a horde of flashing photographers and young, fevorish crazies chanting and waving signs. What had filled the main terminal with such a comotion? Ron Paul ladies and gentlemen, making a big, fake, public spectacle and screwing with all the commuters.

    So remember kids, if/when Ron Paul gets anywhere(significant) in politics, or does anything stupid, know that I could have punched him in the nuts. But I didn’t. I had to go to CT and put a new curse on the Red Sox. But thats a different story for a different day.

    (cue scathing comment from Students for Ron Paul)

  3. Mark Graham

    When I say desperate I mean desperate on the part of people who are afraid of the Ron Paul supporters. I am personally heading up the food drive in our community and they are happy to receive our food and have been contacted before hand. What worry does anyone have if they feel that there are not very many supporters? Obviously the lie is out and the realization that there is enough support to make RON PAUL the next President!! GO RON PAUL

  4. Eick


    I think Ron Paul is terrific and a great candidate, no one speaks so truthfully about the war and our foreign policy. It seems you may have somehow missed the blatently facetious tone of my post.


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